General Policy Manual

Index of General Policies at Central Oregon Community College

The following policies are board approved as revised. Index includes Academic Policies, Business Policies, General Policies, Committee Structure, Human Resources Policies and Student Policies. For information regarding the policy review and approval process, please contact the appropriate committee or see Policies: Review and Approval.


G-1-0 Advertising
G-2-0 COCC Beverages and Food Policies
G-2-1 COCC Beverage and Food Policy
G-2-2 Alcoholic Beverages
G-3-0 Business Cards
G-4-0 Children on Campus
G-4-1 Lactation Policy
G-5-0 College Logo and Seal
G-5-1 Clothing and Logo-Ware

Committee Structure
G-6-0 Committee Structure
G-6-1 College Policy & Other Committees
G-6-1.1 Decision-Making Style, Process and Quorum for All Committees
G-6-1.2 Definition of Membership for All Committees
G-6-1.3 Policies and Procedures: Review & Approval for Changes/Additions to the GP Manual
G-6-1.4 Committee Communications
G-6-2 College Affairs Committee (CAC)
G-6-2.1 Shared Governance Committee (SGC)
G-6-3 Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
G-6-3.1 Learning Community Committee
G-6-3.2 College Curriculum Committee
G-6-3.3 Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) Committee
G-6-4 Student Affairs Committee (SAC)
G-6-5 Institutional Support Committee
G-6-6 College Curriculum Committee (Moved to G-6-3.2)
G-6-7 College Special Purpose Committees (Deleted)
G-6-8 Advisory Committee
G-6-8.1 Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)
G-6-8.2 Diversity Committee
G-6-8.3 Safety-OSHA Committee (Moved to G-6-9.6)
G-6-8.4 Faculty Promotions Committee
G-6-8.5 College Tenure Committee
G-6-8.6 Faculty Professional Improvement Resource Team (PIRT)
G-6-8.7 Review and Support Committee (Moved to G-6-9.7)
G-6-8.8 Strategic Enrollment Management Coordinating Team (Deleted)
G-6-8.9 Data Stewardship Advisory Committee
G-6-8.10 Sustainability Committee, Advisory to College Affairs
G-6-8.11 Insurance Committee
G-6-8.12 Naming Committee
G-6-8.13 Accreditation Coordinating Team
G-6-8.14 Facilities Advisory Committee
G-6-8.15 Academic Reinstatement Committee
G-6-8.16 Finance Internal Advisory Team (FIAT)
G-6-9 College Administrative Committees
G-6-9.1 College Community Development Committee (CCDC)
G-6-9.2 ChairMoot
G-6-9.3 Threat Assessment and Prevention Team
G-6-9.4 College Planning and Assessment Team (CPAT)
G-6-9.4.1 College Planning Theme Team (CPTT) - Removed
G-6-9.5 College Art Committee
G-6-9.6 Safety/ OSHA Committee
G-6-9.7 Review and Support Committee: Course Review (RSC)
G-6-9.8 Medical Leave Assistance Program Disbursement Committee (MLAP)
G-6-10 College AD HOC Committees
G-6-10.1 College Concerns Committee
G-6-10.2 Medical Leave Assistance Program Disbursement Committee (Moved to G-6-9.8)
G-6-10.3 Insurance Committee (Moved to G-6-8.11)
G-6-10.4 Naming Committee (Moved to G-6-8.12)
G-6-10.5 Accreditation Coordinating Team (Moved to G-6-8.13)
G-6-10.6 Career and Technical Education Council
G-6-11 Employee and Student Groups
G-6-11.1 Faculty Forum
G-6-11.2 Classified Association of COCC
G-6-11.3 Adult Basic Skills Instructors Oregon School Employees Association Chapter 700
G-6-11.4 Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College
G-6-11.5 ASCOCC Advisory Committee
G-6-11.6 ASCOCC Appointment Committee

General - continued...
G-7-0 Drug Free Campus
G-8-0 Firearms
G-9-0 Gambling
G-10-0 Media Relations
G-11-0 Parking and Traffic
G-12-0 Pets on Campus
G-13-0 Posting
G-13-1 Shuttle Bus Posting
G-14-0 Moved to Own Section
G-15-0 Publications
G-16-0 Raffles
G-17-0 Skateboards, Rollerblades and Bicycles
G-18-0 Smoking
G-19-0 Speakers
G-20-0 Vaccinations
G-21-0 Stationery
G-22-0 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
G-23-0 Network Technology Resources
G-24-0 Identification Cards
G-25-0 Louis B. “Bart” Queary Lifetime Achievement In Higher Education Award
G-26-0 Signage
G-27-0 Secure Space Access Policy
G-27-1 Video Camera Systems
G-27-1.1 Public notice of Camera Usage and Policy
G-28-0 Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct/sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Non-retaliation And Confidentiality Policies
G-28-1 Nondiscrimination Policy
G-28-2 Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Violence
G-28-3 Sexual Harassment
G-28-4 Non-Retaliation
G-28-5 Confidentiality
G-29-0 Administrator Of The Year Award

G-30-0 Academic Policies
G-30-1 Academic Warning
G-30-2 Registration Activities
G-30-3 Attendance Policy
G-30-4 Admission
G-30-5 Commencement
G-30-6 Course Challenge
G-30-7 Degrees/ Certificates (Requirements)
G-30-8 Enrollment Status
G-30-9 FERPA, Confidentiality, Privacy, Non-Disclosure
G-30-10 Field Trips
G-30-11 Final Exam
G-30-12 Grades
G-30-13 Honesty
G-30-14 Honor Roll/ Deans List
G-30-15 Petition
G-30-16 Registration
G-30-17 Repeat Grade Policy
G-30-18 Residency
G-30-19 Transcript
G-30-20 Policy Statement on General Student Fees
G-30-20.1 Approval Process for General Student Fees
G-30-21 Syllabus Standards for Credit Classes

G-31-0 General Business Policies
G-31-1 Insurance
G-31-2 Tax-Sheltered Annuities
G-31-3 Professional Advice From Agents on Retainer
G-31-3.1 College Auditors
G-31-3.2 College Auditors-Conflict of Interest
G-31-4 College Interest in Marketable Materials, Products, and Processes
G-31-4.1 Secretarial Staff Use
G-31-5 Materials and Resources
G-31-6 Fund-Raising
G-31-6.1 Solicitation/Selling on Campus
G-31-6.2 Solicitation for Support
G-31-7 Acceptance of Gifts
G-31-8 Fiscal Services
G-31-8.1 Budget Changes
G-31-8.2 Grant and Special Project Administration
G-31-8.3 Purchasing
G-31-8.3.1 Departmental Signing Authority
G-31-8.3.2 Private Benefit
G-31-8.3.3 Purchasing Thresholds
G-31-8.4 Disposition of Surplus Capital Property
G-31-8.4.1 Proceeds Received from the Sale of Surplus Property
G-31-8.5 Investment Policy
G-31-8.6 Travel Policy
G-31-8.6.1 Reimbursement
G-31-8.6.2 Insurance Responsibility for Use of Personally Owned Vehicles
G-31-9 Campus Services
G-31-9.1 College Equipment Use
G-31-9.1.1 Listed Property Policy
G-31-9.1.2 Computer Acquisitions Policy
G-31-9.2 Facilities Use by Community Groups
G-31-9.2.1 Insurance Requirement for Off-Campus Groups
G-31-9.2.2 Facility Use Policy
G-31-9.2.3 Denial of Requested Use of Facilities
G-31-9.2.4 Special Requirements
G-31- Computer Labs Use
G-31- Residence Hall Use
G-31- Mazama Physical Education and Recreational Center Use
G-31- Pinckney Center for the Performing Arts Use
G-31- Barber Library
G-31- Coats Campus Center Building Use
G-31- Jungers Culinary Building
G-31- Health Careers Center Labs
G-31- Redmond, Madras, Prineville campuses
G-31-9.2.5 General Campus Grounds use such as parking lots, trails, stairs, roadways, etc
G-31- Designated Public Forum
G-31- Americans with Disabilities Act
G-31- Alcohol Use
G-31-9.3 Motor Vehicle Registration and Operation
G-31-9.4 Equipment Inventory
G-31-9.5 Building Security Policy
G-31-9.5.1 Key and FOB Control
G-31-10 Bookstore
G-31-10.1 Printing and Mail Services
G-31-10.2 Printing
G-31-10.3 Mail Services
G-31-10.4 Copyright
G-31-11 Vehicle Use Policy
G-31-12 Unmanned Aerial Systems

Human Resources
G-32-0 Human Resources Policies
G-32-1 Employment Policy
G-32-2 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Non-Discrimination Policies
G-32-2.1 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
G-32-2.2 Affirmative Action Policy
G-32-2.3 Non-Harassment Policy
G-32-3 Employment of Family Members Policy
G-32-4 Mandatory Reporting - Child Protection Policy
G-32-5 Standards of Conduct Policy for College Employees
G-32-6 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
G-32-7 Consensual Relationships Policy
G-32-8 Sexual Misconduct Policy
G-32-9 Primary Responsibility Policy of College Employees
G-32-9.1 Outside Commitments
G-32-9.2 Conflict of Interest
G-32-10 Recruitment Policies
G-32-10.1 Vacant Positions Policy
G-32-10.2 Criminal Background Check Policy
G-32-10.3 Administrative Positions
G-32-10.4 Classified, Confidential, Supervisory Positions
G-32-10.5 Faculty Positions 
G-32-12 Leaves of Absence Policies
G-32-12.1 Sabbatical Leave
G-32-12.2 Leave Without Pay (Non-FMLA/OFLA)
G-32-12.3 Family Medical Leave Act
G-32-12.4 Personal/Business/Emergency Leave
G-32-13 Employee Personnel File Policy
G-32-14 Employee Recognition Policy
G-32-14.1 Faculty Achievement Awards
G-32-14.2 Classified Employee of the Year
G-32-14.3 Administrative Employee of the Year
G-32-15 Resignation Policies
G-32-15.1 Faculty Resignations
G-32-15.2 ABS Instructors
G-32-15.3 Classified Employee
G-32-15.4 Exempt, Confidential, and Supervisory
G-32-16 Benefits Policies
G-32-16.1 Workers' Compensation
G-32-16.2 Unemployment Insurance
G-32-16.3 Continuation of Health Insurance at Resignation/Termination
G-32-17 Compensation Policies
G-32-17.1 Initial Salary Placement
G-32-17.1.1 Faculty Placement
G-32-17.1.2 ABS Salary Placement
G-32-17.1.3 Classified and Non-Represented/Regular Placement
G-32-17.1.4 Non-represented/Regular Employees
G-32-17.2 Salary Advancement Policy
G-32-17.2.1 Faculty, Classified staff and ABS employees
G-32-17.2.2 Non-represented/Regular Employees(1)
G-32-17.2.3 Executive Compensation
G-32-17.3 Salary on Reclassification
G-32-17.3.1 Classified Employees
G-32-17.3.2 Non-represented/Regular Employees(2)
G-32-17.3.3 Responsibility Factor Adjustment for Non-represented/Regular Employees
G-32-17.3.4 Special Assignment Adjustments for Employees
G-32-17.3.5 Pay Method for Hourly, Non-Exempt Employees Who Work Less Than 12 Months
G-32-18 Moving Reimbursement
 G-32-19 Staff Retirement Policies
G-32-19.1 Retired Employee Card
G-32-19.2 Emeritus Status (for Faculty and Administrators)
G-32-19.2.1 Criteria for Eligibility of Emeritus Status - Faculty
G-32-19.2.2 Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Status
G-32-19.2.3 Health Insurance for Dependents of Retirees
G-32-20 Classified Staff Professional Development Policy
G-32-20.1 Classified Staff Professional Improvement Funds
G-32-21 Sick Time Policy
G-32-21.1 Accrual of Sick Time
G-32-21.2 Sick Time Notification to Supervisor
G-32-21.3 Sick Time Usage

G-33-0 Student Policies
G-33-1 Student Awards Program
G-33-1.1 Avon F. Mayfield Award
G-33-1.2 COCC Distinguished Student Service Award
G-33-1.3 Helen Leicester Honorary Scholastic Award
G-33-1.4 Walter G. Coombs Distinguished Achievement Award
G-33-1.5 Honors Grade Point Average Award
G-33-3 Student Rights and Responsibilities
G-33-4 COCC Drug & Alcohol Policy
G-33-5 Student Death
G-33-6 Student Media
G-33-7 Student Concerns Process

G-34-0 Faculty Policies
G-34-1 Faculty Positions
G-34-1.1 Recommendation to Hire Full-Time Instructional Professionals
G-34-1.2 Recommendation to Hire Part-Time Professional Instructional Staff
G-34-1.3 Adjunct Relationships
G-34-1.4 Part-Time Faculty Employment at COCC
G-34-1.4.1 Part-Time Faculty Compensation and Benefits
G-34-1.5 Minimum Standards for Instructors
G-34-2 Faculty Personnel Files
G-34-3 Criteria for Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation of Performance
G-34-3.1 Promotions
G-34-3.1.1 Eligibility
G-34-3.1.2 Description of rank and criteria for promotion
G-34-3.1.3 Definition of Criteria
G-34-3.1.4 Rank with Associated Criteria
G-34-3.1.5 Review for Faculty No Longer Standing For Promotion
G-34-3.1.6 Faculty Promotions Procedures
G-34-3.2 Tenure
G-34-3.2.1 Awarding of Tenure
G-34-3.2.2 Procedure for Tenure Consideration
G-34-3.3 Faculty Evaluations
G-34-3.3.1 Evaluation of Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty
G-34-4 General Responsibilities of All Instructors
G-34-4.1 Full time temporary faculty responsibilities
G-34-4.2 Full time tenure track faculty responsibilities
G-34-4.3 Specific Responsibilities of Part-Time Faculty
G-34-4.4 Absence from Classes and Scheduled events by Faculty and Instructors
G-34-4.4.1 Notifying Department of Absence Due to Illness or Bereavement
G-34-4.4.2 Notification of Absence Due to Emergency
G-34-5 Faculty Achievement Award for Full Time Faculty
G-34-5.1 Purpose
G-34-5.1.1 Eligibility(1)
G-34-5.1.2 Criteria
G-34-5.1.3 Nominating Procedures
G-34-5.2 Faculty Teaching Award for Part Time and Adjunct Faculty
G-34-5.2.1 Purpose(1)
G-34-5.2.2 Eligibility(2)
G-34-5.2.3 Criteria(1)
G-34-5.2.4 Nominating Procedures(1)
G-34-6 Faculty Resignations
G-34-7 Initial Salary Placement
G-34-7.1 Faculty Placement
G-34-7.2 Adult Basic Skills Faculty Placement
G-34-7.3 Salary Advancement
G-34-7.3.1 Faculty and ABS employees