G-30-14 Honor Roll/ Deans List

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours with grades which apply to a GPA and who earn a GPA of 3.6 or higher will have a Dean's List notation on their official transcript for each term that the GPA is earned. The College Dean's List is published each term in a nondiscriminatory (A-Z) manner (no subdivision of college transfer, occupational or developmental).

Honors will be listed on the transcripts of COCC graduates based on the following cumulative GPA from the end of the term prior to the student's graduation:

3.60 - 3.74 Honors

3.75 - 3.89 High Honors

3.90 - 4.00 Highest Honors

Graduates participating in commencement exercises will receive honor cords. Graduates with a 4.00 will have an asterisk by their name in the annual commencement program.