Testing Services

COCC offers a variety of testing services across our campuses and in the Central Oregon community. Many services are available to community members, as well as COCC and OSU-Cascades students.

Accommodated Testing (ADA)
Students eligible for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or who require adaptive technology or special services, will have those services provided when notification of need is given prior to the date of the scheduled test. All of COCC's testing services are available as accommodated testing. For information on how to request accommodated testing, please choose the appropriate testing service.

Certification Testing
Many programs at COCC require the completion of specialized exams or certifications. In addition, community members often need testing for professional certifications. COCC's Tutoring and Testing department provides testing services for these exams and certifications.

Distance Education Testing
Students and community members taking distance education courses at other institutions can take proctored exams under the supervision of testing staff. COCC's Tutoring and Testing Center provides distance education testing services.

GED Testing
COCC offers GED testing to the community at our Redmond Campus Testing Center. COCC's Adult Basic Skills (ABS) program can help you prepare for the GED test. COCC's Tutoring and Testing Center provides GED testing.

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
COCC uses the Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS-V produced by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC as part of the nursing program selection process. This test is designed to measure a candidate's likelihood of success in a college nursing program by measuring achievement in critical academic skills in Reading, Math, Science, and English. The test is administered online on the COCC Campus, and results are available immediately at the conclusion of the test. CAP Services provides Nursing Program and Veterinary Technician Program admissions testing in Bend.

Placement Testing
The purpose of the COCC Placement Tests is to assess current skills in reading, English and math for placement into appropriate coursework at COCC. Most students take a placement test, although there are exceptions for Transfer Students or students taking a select set of coursework that does not require placement information. CAP Services provides placement testing in all campus locations.

Proctored (Make-Up) Exams for COCC courses
A proctored exam is a test taken under the supervision of testing staff. Students who need to take make-up exams will do so at the Tutoring and Testing Center. Proctored exams for courses can be taken at any COCC campus location, however hours vary by location.