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TEAS-Test of Essential Academic Skills


COCC is actively monitoring the COVID-19 health situation. All TEAs exams scheduled for April have been postponed as we evaluate testing options. Please check back to this page the week of April 27 for an update.

Selective Admissions Testing Required for COCC's Nursing Program and Veterinary Technician Program: ATI TEAS

About the test:

  • The TEAS is a required test for students submitting an application to COCC's Nursing Program or the Veterinarian Technician Program. The ATI TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. These entry-level skills were deemed important for health science program applicants by a panel of subject matter experts. ATI Testing Website.

What should I do to prepare for the ATI TEAS?

  • Students can prepare for the TEAS with several resources including the Official ATI TEAS study manual (sixth edition), now available for purchase. Reserve copies are also available at the Circulation Desk in the COCC Library, and may be available in the COCC Bookstore for purchase. Online practices assessments and the study package are available online on the ATI web site.

Can I take the TEAS more than once?
COCC allows students to take the TEAS test up to two times in a student's lifetime. Both the Nursing and Veterinarian Technician Program selection process will use the highest score. There must be at minimum of 90 days between tests.

Students who take the test for the second time need to be able to log in to their ATI testing account prior to arriving at the test.

When can I take the ATI TEAS exam?
Note: test capacity is limited. Please book early to reserve your preferred testing date(s). If the capacity on each test date is not already full, reservations will close at 4:30pm, 15 business days prior to the testing date (see test reservation deadlines below).

**Reservations for 2020 TEAS will open starting December 2nd**  

TEAS 2020
Day Time and Location TEAS Date Reservation deadline Can retest
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 7-Feb 17-Jan May 8 or after
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 28-Feb 7-Feb May 29 or after
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 6-Mar 14-Feb June 5 or after
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 13-Mar 21-Feb June 12 or after
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 20-Mar 28-Feb
Next year
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 27-Mar 6-Mar
Friday 10:00am POSTPONED 24-Apr 3-Apr
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 8-May 17-Apr
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 22-May 1-May
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 29-May 8-May
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 5-Jun 15-May
Friday 10:00am CAP Services - Cascades Hall 12-Jun 22-May

What if I have accommodated testing needs?

Use the following steps to arrange for an accommodated test.

  1. Students should plan early to meet with the COCC Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) staff to determine eligibility for an accommodation for TEAS Testing in time.
  2. Reserve a spot in your preferred test session with the COCC Cashiers on any COCC campus, or by calling 541-383-7229.
  3. Submit the TEAS Accommodated Test Request form with an attached copy of your SSD Accommodations letter for TEAS Testing (these documents must be submitted together) to CAP Services before the test reservation deadline.
  4. Please submit both documents for each test session for which you would like accommodations. For example, if you are taking the test twice, please submit a form for each session.

How do I sign up to take the ATI TEAS?
Currently or previously admitted COCC students who have taken at least one class at COCC within the last year can make reservations for the TEAS exam in person in Admissions and Records at the Boyle Education Center or by phone (541-383-7229). Students with past due accounts will be required to pay their balance in full before scheduling a TEAS exam. Students who have not taken a class at COCC within the last year will be required to update their COCC application prior to scheduling their TEAS exam. Your application can be updated at Returning COCC Student Application. (You will not be charged a new application fee.)

Payment of the non-refundable $68 test fee is required at the time of reservation.

Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis and it is possible that appointment times will fill. Students should carefully plan their test dates and reserve their spot at the earliest opportunity.

Students who are planning to take the test for the second time should carefully plan their dates and schedule their test as early as possible.

What if I am not admitted to COCC but would like to use the test for another school?
COCC administers the ATI TEAS exam to support applicants to COCC's Nursing program. Students must be admitted to COCC to take the test, so you may use our test but you will need to complete the COCC Admissions Application. You will be eligible to reserve a TEAS test appointment after your COCC application has been processed, usually within 3 business days.

COCC does not provide TEAS test results to other institutions. Test scores will need to be requested directly from ATI Testing.

What do I need to know about the day of the test?
Students must bring a picture ID to the test session, will need to provide their COCC Id Number, and will need to be able to log in to their COCC network account (help is available on the web). Please note: absolutely no other items will be allowed in the test room. This includes handbags, backpacks, cell phones, or other items.

You should arrive 15 minutes early for the test. Students arriving late to the test will not be allowed to test on this day and will not be refunded their test fee.

In the event of inclement weather, it is possible that the college may close and the test will be rescheduled. If in doubt, check for any closures before coming to campus.

Test details
The test consists of four parts, listed below with the number of test questions and the time allowed for each section.

Content Area


Number of Questions

Time limit


Key Ideas and Details

Craft & Structure

Integration of Knowledge & Ideas


64 minutes


Number & Algebra

Measurement & Data


54 minutes


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Life & Physical Sciences

Scientific Reasoning


63 minutes

English & Language Usage

Conventions of Standard English

Knowledge of Language

Vocabulary Acquisition


28 minutes



209 minutes (3 hours, 29 minutes)

*There are 20 unscored pretest questions