HSRT test sessions are now full. Please contact selectiveadmissions@cocc.edu if you have any questions.

The HSRT-AD is a required test for students submitting an application to COCC's Nursing Program. HSRT website

The HSRT-AD will be administered in-person for the Fall 2024 application year. Reservations will open December 6, 2023 at 9am. See details below for reservation instructions.

About the test

The Health Science Reasoning Test –Associates Degree (HSRT-AD) is a multiple-choice test specifically designed for two year and certificate programs. The HSRT-AD is an online test administered in a 50 minute timed setting and measures critical thinking as well as quantitative reasoning skills. The HSRT-AD presents a variety of scenarios (in clinical and professional practice contexts) with information provided in text-based and diagrammatic formats. HSRT-AD questions ask test takers to apply their skills in order to: 

  • Make interpretations
  • Analyze information
  • Draw inferences and warranted inferences
  • Identify claims and reasons
  • Evaluate the quality of arguments

What should I do to prepare for the HSRT-AD? 

HSRT-AD test questions range in difficulty and complexity – any specialized information needed to respond correctly is provided within the question itself. Questions do not require specialized health science knowledge – there is no study preparation required. Sample questions are available using a mobile app, Critical Thinking Insight - be sure to choose the 'Sample Reasoning Skills Questions'.

Can I take the HSRT-AD more than once?

COCC allows students to take the HSRT-AD test up to two times prior to the first time the student applies to the program. After the first application year, students can take the HSRT-AD one time per application. The Nursing selection process will use the highest score. 

When can I take the HSRT-AD test?

Note: test capacity is limited. Please book early to reserve your preferred testing date(s). If the capacity on each test date is not already full, reservations will close at 4:30pm, 5 business days prior to the testing date. Please note that the HSRT-AD test season ends in May. The following dates/times are not marked when they are full so reserve your test date early. The last test dates are the first to fill up.


Time and Location

Reservation Deadline by 4:30Pm

Friday January 12, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 January 5, 2024
Friday January 26, 2024
3pm, LIB 117 January 19, 2024
Friday February 2, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 January 26, 2024
Friday February 23, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 February 16, 2024
Friday March 8, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 March 1, 2024
Friday March 22, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 March 15, 2024
Friday April 12, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 April 5, 2024
Friday April 26, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 April 19, 2024
Friday May 10, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 May 3, 2024
Friday May 17, 2024 3pm, LIB 117 May 10, 2024

How do I sign up to take the HSRT-AD

Visit the COCC Cashier's Office in the Boyle Education Center or call during business hours at 541-383-7229 to reserve a seat - payment of the non-refundable $15 test fee is required at the time of reservation. Please note, you must call the Cashier line listed to make your reservation - not the general Admissions and Records line - call volume is very high during the first two weeks seats are open for reservation so no voice messages will be accepted during this time. 

What if I have accommodated testing needs?

  1. Use the following steps to arrange for an accommodated test.
  2. Meet with the COCC Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) staff to determine your accommodation eligibility for the HSRT-AD test. Plan to do this well in advance of your preferred test session.
  3. Follow process outlined in section above.
  4. Submit the HSRT-AD Accommodated Test Request form with the HSRT-AD Letter of Accommodation to selectiveadmissions@cocc.edu before the test reservation deadline (see table above). The form and letter must be submitted at the same time – they will not be accepted separately.
  5. Submit a request form and accommodation letter for each test session that you plan to schedule. For example, if you are taking the test twice this season, and want to use accommodations for both tests, please submit a form and letter for each test session

What if I am not admitted to COCC but would like to use the test for another school?

COCC administers the HSRT-AD test to support applicants to COCC's Nursing program. Students must be admitted to COCC to take the test, so you may use our test but you also need to complete the COCC Admissions Application. You will be eligible to reserve an HSRT-AD test appointment after your COCC application has been processed, usually within 3 business days. COCC does not provide HSRT-AD test results to other institutions.

What do I need to know about the day of the test?

Students should arrive 10 minutes early for the test for check-in. Students arriving late to the test will not be allowed to test on this day and will not be refunded their test fee.

  • Students must bring a picture ID to the test session and will need to provide their COCC ID Number.
  • Pre-registration is required, testers will be checked against a roster as they enter the computer lab and only those on the roster will be allowed to enter.
  • The following items are permitted during the test:
    • Writing utensil – provided by the proctor and collected after the test
    • Scratch paper – provided by the proctor and collected and destroyed following the test
  • The following items are prohibited during the test:
    • Food or drink
    • Textbooks or reference books of any kind
    • Sunglasses, hats or a hood
    • Music (CD players, MP3 players, iPods, etc.)
    • Communication or electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, PDA’s, etc.)

Only those materials required for taking the test (i.e. pencils and scratch paper) are to remain on a student’s writing surface. Students participating in the proctored test session should leave personal items at home or in their car; otherwise they must leave overcoats, books, papers, calculators, tape recorders, large bags, backpacks, cell phones, etc at the front of the room with the proctor. They may obtain these items left with the proctor only as they exit the computer lab.

General Test Information:

  • Any question that is not answered will be scored as incorrect.
  • You can go forward or backward to questions during the test, but the test will end at 50 minutes.
  • No communication is permitted between test takers while taking the test.
  • All students in the room should begin the test at the same time.
  • Proctors may not answer any questions concerning the content of the test or any meaning of questions asked on the test.
  • Students participating in the test should not expect to leave the computer lab at any time until they have completed the test and turned in any instructions and scratch paper they were given.
  • If a student leaves the room without permission, the student’s computer will be shut down and the student will not be permitted to return.
  • If the proctor suspects that a student is copying the answers of another student or obtaining information from another in any way, the proctor will observe the student for a period long enough to confirm such suspicion. Such activity will be reported to appropriate COCC faculty/administration and may result in an individual’s test being invalidated.
  • Any student that is found to be using or making notes other than on the scratch paper provided will be dismissed from the test and not permitted to return. The proctor will take the notes and return them to the appropriate COCC faculty/administrator.
  • Students are not to share test questions or test information with any other student at any time, including after the test session.