G-28-0 Title IX and Sexual Harassment Introduction

Central Oregon Community College’s goal is to provide an atmosphere of mutual support and respect and foster an awareness, acceptance and encouragement of different cultures, values and viewpoints. To ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, and to affirms its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion for students, employees and guests, COCC developed policies and procedures that provide a prompt, fair and equitable process for addressing allegations of discrimination or harassment on the basis of a protected class status (see G-28-0.2 for those identified as a protected class).

The goal of the following policies is to extend equal opportunity for employment, admission, and participation in the College’s programs, services, and activities to all persons.

Any person who believes they have been discriminated against, harassed, or retaliated against by a College employee, representative, student, or community member based on being a member of a protected class is encouraged to address those concerns by reporting it via the College’s incident report system or talking with the any of the individuals listed below. These individuals have primary responsibility for coordinating COCC’s efforts related to investigation, resolution, and implementation of corrective actions.