Academic Procedures

Index of Academic Procedures:

A-2-0 Registration Activity
A-3-0 Attendance Policy
A-4-0 Admission
A-5-0 Curriculum Standards
A-6-0 Course Standards Statement and Outline
A-7-0 Advising
A-8-0 Articulation
A-9-0 Commencement
A-10-0 Concerns Procedure
A-11-0 Course Challenge
A-12-0 Deadlines
A-13-0 Degrees/Certificates
A-14-0 Services for Students with Disabilities
A-15-0 Moved to Policy
A-16-0 Enrollment Verification
A-17-0 Moved to Policy
A-18-0 Field Trips
A-19-0 Moved to Policy
A-20-0 Grades
A-20-1 Grade Appeal Procedure
A-20-1.1 Suggestions to Students Preparing a Grade Appeal
A-21-0 Moved to Policy
A-22-0 Moved to Policy
A-23-0 Moved to Policy
A-24-0 Registration
A-25-0 Moved to Policy
A-26-0 Moved to Policy
A-27-0 Moved
A-28-0 Moved to Policy
A-29-0 Transcript
A-30-0 Tuition
A-30-1 Moved to Policy
A-30-2 Approval Process for General Student Fees
A-31-0 Wait Lists
A-32-0 Significant Change of Academic Programs