A-7-0 Advising

Academic Advising at COCC is provided by both CAP Services (Career Services, Academic Advising, and Personal Counseling) and by faculty members in each department. The purpose of academic advising is to guide students toward achieving their educational goals and to help students become self-reliant in understanding College policies and practices. Various advising requirements are in place to support this purpose.

Prior to registering for classes, new certificate-and-degree seeking (CDS) students are required to attend an advising session. After the first advising session, students are assigned an advisor in their declared program and emailed the advisor's contact information. Students are required to meet with their advisor to develop long-range academic and career plans before the next term's registration. Students are required to meet with their advisor at least once per year, although the advisor may require the student to meet more frequentlly depending on the student's situation.

COCC provides an online tool, GradTracks, to help students and their academic advisor track progress toward graduation. GradTracks allows students to see how completed courses are applied toward their declared certificate and degree options. Students can access GradTracks by logging on to their Bobcat Web Account and selecting the Student Services & Financial Aid Tab; clicking on the GradTracks link and again on the GradTracks button. Students must take credit classes in order to view information in GradTracks.

Students are responsible for monitoring their advising requirement and for completing the advising steps in a timely manner. COCC recommends that students plan their advising appointments well in advance of the opening of registration. Students may find their advisors name and contact information in Bobcat Web and GradTracks. Students can also see if they have an advising requirement for an upcoming term by looking in their student Bobcat Web Account (Student Services and Financial Aid/Registration/ Can I register for Credit Classes). Students may request a specific advisor or a change in advisors if they change their declared program. Students not seeking a certificate or degree are not required to meet with an advisor, but are welcome to meet with a CAP Services advisor. Contact CAP Services, upper level Cascades Hall, Ph. 541-383-7200, for advising options.