Committee Structure Index

Central Oregon Community College committees have been established to implement present policies and procedures and to plan for the future. Committee members, consisting of elected or appointed members from the various areas on campus, collaborate in the decision-making process on broad curricular, academic, and policy issues.


G-6-0 Committee Structure
G-6-1 College Policy & Other Committees
G-6-1.1 Decision-Making Style, Process and Quorum for All Committees
G-6-1.2 Definition of Membership for All Committees
G-6-1.3 Recommendations
G-6-1.4 Committee Communications
G-6-2 College Affairs Committee (CAC)
G-6-2.1 Shared Governance Committee (SGC)
G-6-3 Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
G-6-3.1 Learning Community Committee
G-6-3.2 College Curriculum Committee
G-6-3.3 Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) Committee
G-6-4 Student Affairs Committee (SAC)
G-6-5 Institutional Support Committee
G-6-6 College Curriculum Committee (Moved to G-6-3.2)
G-6-7 College Special Purpose Committees (Deleted)
G-6-8 Advisory Committee
G-6-8.1 Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)
G-6-8.2 Diversity Committee
G-6-8.3 Safety-OSHA Committee (Moved to G-6-9.6)
G-6-8.4 Faculty Promotions Committee
G-6-8.5 College Tenure Committee
G-6-8.6 Faculty Professional Improvement Resource Team (PIRT)
G-6-8.7 Review and Support Committee (Moved to G-6-9.7)
G-6-8.8 Strategic Enrollment Management Coordinating Team (Deleted)
G-6-8.9 Data Stewardship Advisory Committee
G-6-8.10 Sustainability Committee, Advisory to College Affairs
G-6-8.11 Insurance Committee
G-6-8.12 Naming Committee
G-6-8.13 Accreditation Coordinating Team
G-6-8.14 Facilities Advisory Committee
G-6-8.15 Academic Reinstatement Committee
G-6-8.16 Finance Internal Advisory Team (FIAT)
G-6-9 College Administrative Committees
G-6-9.1 College Community Development Committee (CCDC)
G-6-9.2 ChairMoot
G-6-9.3 Threat Assessment and Prevention Team
G-6-9.4 College Planning and Assessment Team (CPAT)
G-6-9.4.1 College Planning Theme Team (CPTT) - Removed
G-6-9.5 College Art Committee
G-6-9.6 Safety/ OSHA Committee
G-6-9.7 Review and Support Committee: Course Review (RSC)
G-6-9.8 Medical Leave Assistance Program Disbursement Committee (MLAP)
G-6-10 College AD HOC Committees
G-6-10.1 College Concerns Committee
G-6-10.2 Medical Leave Assistance Program Disbursement Committee (Moved to G-6-9.8)
G-6-10.3 Insurance Committee (Moved to G-6-8.11)
G-6-10.4 Naming Committee (Moved to G-6-8.12)
G-6-10.5 Accreditation Coordinating Team (Moved to G-6-8.13)
G-6-10.6 Career and Technical Education Council
G-6-11 Employee and Student Groups
G-6-11.1 Faculty Forum
G-6-11.2 Classified Association of COCC
G-6-11.3 Adult Basic Skills Instructors Oregon School Employees Association Chapter 700
G-6-11.4 Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College
G-6-11.5 ASCOCC Advisory Committee
G-6-11.6 ASCOCC Appointment Committee