Committee Structure Index

Central Oregon Community College committees have been established to implement present policies and procedures and to plan for the future. Committee members, consisting of elected or appointed members from the various areas on campus, collaborate in the decision-making process on broad curricular, academic, and policy issues.


G-6-0 Committee Structure
G-6-1 College Policy & Other Committees
G-6-2 College Affairs Committee (CAC)
G-6-3 Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
G-6-4 Student Affairs Committee (SAC)
G-6-5 (Moved)
G-6-6 (Moved)
G-6-7 (Disbanded)
G-6-8 Advisory Committee
G-6-9 College Administrative Committees
G-6-9.5 College Art Committee
G-6-9.6 Safety/ OSHA Committee
G-6-9.7 Review and Support Committee: Course Review (RSC)
G-6-9.9 Data Governance Committee
G-6-9.11 Citation Appeals
G-6-9.12 Institutional Review Board
G-6-10 College AD HOC Committees (Disbanded)
G-6-11 Employee Groups