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G-6-8.9 Data Stewardship Advisory Committee

CHARGE: The primary purpose of the Data Stewardship Advisory Committee is to facilitate a cohesive approach to managing and utilizing data at COCC. In support of this purpose, the Committee will provide guidance and recommendations to the President, President Advisory Team (PAT) and other administrative units.

DSAC membership is more operationally based than the traditional COCC committee. DSAC membership requires key data stewards, data owners, and data custodians across the institution that have the knowledge, responsibility and authority to describe, establish, promote and enforce procedures around data. DSAC has automatic, appointed and volunteer positions. The automatic members are staff with positions that have direct data management or custodial responsibilities as part of their job descriptions. The appointed members are faculty from Instructional areas of the College. The volunteer appointments are made by the DSAC chair contacting Directors in key data areas who recommend a staff member. Once the committee membership is established for a given year, if there is not clear administrative and classified representation, adjustments will be made to ensure that all employee groups are represented. All members are voting members.

The DSAC has both a chair and chair-elect. The chair serves for one academic year with the chair-elect becoming the chair the following year. Nominations from DSAC for the chair-elect position are accepted and put to a committee vote in the spring. The notetaker position can be filled from existing members.

The Committee members will meet a minimum of once a month.

Membership, Voting Status and Terms: Membership Voting Status Terms
Admission & Records Volunteer Voting 3 years
Banner Module - Financial Aid Automatic Voting Standing
Banner Module - HR/Finance Automatic Voting Standing
Banner Module - Student Automatic Voting Standing
Instructional Representative (2) Appointed by Chairmoot or Faculty Senate or VPI's office Voting 1 year
Fiscal Services Volunteer Voting 3 years
Human Resources Volunteer Voting 3 years
Information Technology Representative Volunteer Voting 3 years
Institutional Effectiveness Volunteer Voting 3 years
Continuing Education Volunteer Voting 3 years
Notetaker/Support Volunteer Voting 1 year


Chair Election: Information Technology - MIS Director and Institutional Effectiveness - Director will co-chair.