General Policies and Procedures


Please note that the new GPM is a reformatting and updating of the old manual and does not include any changes to existing policies and procedures that have not gone through the decision making process, which usually includes recommendation to the President by the College Affairs Committee and then approval by the President.

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General Policy Manual

All Board, State, Federal, and College policies. Policy - a course or principle of action adopted by COCC; has widespread application; changes less frequently; answers major operational issues; can be legislative in nature; manages actions. Represents the "what" in terms of what principles or governing actions COCC adopts. A policy is typically an "umbrella" for a set of procedures to support the policy. Example policy; Non-Discrimination policy (establishes the Colleges position related to non-discrimination).
Glossary of Policy Terms.

General Procedures Manual

Any procedure, practice, guideline, identified at the College. Procedure - an established or official way of doing something; has narrow application; prone to change; often stated in details; can be judicial in nature; a sequence of steps or activities. Represents the "how" in terms of how COCC executes daily operations. A procedure typically supports a policy and provides guidelines for individual actions. Example procedure: New Business Cards procedures (establishes how you order new business cards).
Glossary of Procedure Terms.