General Policies

Index of General Policies at Central Oregon Community College

G-2-0 COCC Beverages and Food Policies
G-2-1 COCC Beverage and Food Policy 
G-2-2 Alcoholic Beverages
G-3-0 Business Cards
G-4-0 Children on Campus
G-4-1 Lactation Policy
G-5-0 College Logo and Seal
G-5-1 Clothing and Logo-Ware
G-6-0 Committee Structure (index)
G-7-0 Drug Free Campus
G-8-0 Firearms
G-9-0 Gambling
G-10-0 Media Relations
G-11-0 Parking and Traffic
G-12-0 Pets on Campus
G-13-0 Posting
G-13-1 Shuttle Bus Posting
G-14-0 Moved to Own Section
G-15-0 Publications
G-16-0 Raffles
G-17-0 Skateboards, Rollerblades and Bicycles
G-18-0 Smoking
G-19-0 Speakers
G-20-0 Vaccinations
G-21-0 Stationery
G-22-0 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
G-23-0 Network Technology Resources
G-24-0 Identification Cards
G-25-0 Louis B. “Bart” Queary Lifetime Achievement In Higher Education Award
G-26-0 Signage
G-27-0 Secure Space Access Policy
G-27-1 Video Camera Systems
G-27-1.1 Public notice of Camera Usage and Policy
G-28-0 Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct/sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Non-retaliation And Confidentiality Policies
G-28-1 Nondiscrimination Policy
G-28-2 Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Violence
G-28-3 Sexual Harassment
G-28-4 Non-Retaliation
G-28-5 Confidentiality
G-29-0 Administrator Of The Year Award