G-6-9.3 Threat Assessment and Prevention Team

CHARGE: The Threat Assessment & Prevention Team's purpose is to review situations in which some part of the college community's health and/or safety is at risk, de-brief such situations and build a collective knowledge and experience base to better prepare for future issues. In addition, TAPT will advise and support team members on various issues, but will not supplant existing College policies, procedures or responsibilities. As such, this group is a standing committee with a focus on operational items; and while it may make recommendations regarding campus policies or practices, it is not a decision-making body.

This team will not replace the focus or the teams defined in the College's Business Continuity Plan. The BCP focuses on events affecting the entirety of the campus, while this team will focus on smaller more specific situations.

Scope of Responsibilities

While many situations will be brought forth to the team as a result of being reported via the campus incident report process, any member of the team may bring other items forward. Items can be student, employee or community member focused. Students, faculty or staff may be invited to share their involvement or account of a specific situation, but will not be involved with the team's discussion as to next steps and/or the de-briefing of the situation unless necessary.

Incidents brought to the team will primarily focus on threat assessment, crisis prevention, situations that might affect the health and safety of the campus community. The team may also serve as a crisis response for smaller/non-campus wide incidents, situation de-brief, intervention for employees or students who are at risk for having increased negative behaviors, and other situations of similar size and nature.


Given the potential confidential nature of situations discussed, guests will normally attend at the request of the committee only. All committee members agree to abide by and respect the confidentiality of the information shared during the meetings and/or responses to various incidents, and guests will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Membership will include individuals who represent areas of that college that are generally responsible for responding to various health/safety situations, and as such, all are automatic appointments. Positions include:

  • Dean of Student & Enrollment Services
  • Instructional Dean
  • Director of Student Life
  • CAP Services Representative
  • Lead Manager for Safety & Security
  • Safety & Security Supervisor
  • Safety & Security Coordinator
  • Redmond Campus Representative

When individuals leave the committee for any type of reason, another person representing that area will be asked to join.