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Flexibility to support your preferences and schedule

Delivery Methods Explained

In-person on campus

These courses will be offered entirely in-person. Students will attend class at specific times and at a specific location.

These courses are best if you:

  • Prefer to learn in-person
  • Like being able to ask questions and receive immediate feedback
  • Want to be able to collaborate with other students face-to-face
  • Like having a set schedule

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These courses use different tools like Zoom or Canvas (COCC's online learning management system) for instruction. Students may also attend class at certain times, either in person or from home.

These courses are best if you:

  • Like the structure of a predictable in-person class schedule
  • Prefer additional online material to complement in-person learning
  • Like a balance of structure and self-direction
  • Want to try online learning with the support of a face-to-face instructor

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These courses consist of fully online instruction and learning. Students participate via Canvas, COCC's online learning management system. Students meet regular deadlines and milestones throughout the course, but can participate weekly in the course based on their personal schedules.

These courses are best if you:

  • Have excellent time-management skills
  • Like the convenience of learning from home
  • Have strong technology skills
  • Have an irregular schedule between work and family responsibilities
  • Are an independent, self-motivated learner
  • Have access to a space to learn and work with few distractions
  • Have access to reliable internet and a computer

Planning to take an online course?
Before you register for an online course, you must complete the Orientation for Online Classes. You only need to complete this orientation once.

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