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COCC is honored to be voted the Best Place to Work in Central Oregon (for businesses with over 50 employees) by readers of the Source Weekly. Our dedicated faculty and staff make it the vibrant, thriving community it is today.

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Answers to All Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to apply

    Once you have created an online application, you will be able to log in using your personal username and password to review the status of your application during the recruitment process. Completing the online application takes approximately 30–45 minutes.

    If you need access to a computer, the College campus has several computer labs open to the public. Contact the lab for current hours (click link for numbers): Pioneer Hall or Barber Library. You may also come by the HR Office in Newberry Hall for assistance (Bend Campus Map).

    Persons with disabilities who require reasonable accommodation to complete the employment process should contact Disability Services or Human Resources for assistance at 541-383-7216. The Oregon Relay Services number is 7-1-1.

    If you have questions, please contact the Human Resources department at or at 541-383-7216 or TDD 541-383-7708 for the hearing/speech impaired.

    COCC employees must work and reside in the state of Oregon at the time their work is being performed.

  • Employment categories

    Administrative and Professional Non-Managerial

    • Administrative positions are those classified as Professional-Non-Managerial; Supervisory, or Management (exempt). Administrators are not represented by a union. Most administrative positions are on a full-time, 12-month contract. There are a few positions that are less than FT or less than 12 months, so be sure to check the job posting for details. All Administrators (FT & PT) receive an exceptional benefits package.


    • Full-time
      FT Faculty may receive tenure status and teach 45 or more load units per academic year (3 terms). Full time faculty members are represented by The Faculty Forum, an independent union, and receive an exceptional benefits package.

    • Adjunct
      Adjunct instructors teach between 24.5 and 37.5 load units per academic year (3 terms). Contracts are issued on a year-by-year basis. Adjunct Instructors are represented by The Faculty Forum, an independent union, and receive an excellent benefits package.

    • Part-time
      Part-time instructors teach less than 24.5 load units per academic year (3 terms) and contracts are issued on a term-by-term basis. Part-time Instructors are not represented by any union and do not receive any benefits.

      Part-time instructor pools are posted for a limited amount of time to obtain applications from those interested in teaching part-time as a non-benefited instructor, on a term-by-term basis, in the area of discipline advertised. Positions may not necessarily be available at the time you apply. Your online application will remain active for consideration throughout the length of the posting unless you are notified otherwise.


    • Classified positions are service/support positions and are non-supervisory (non-exempt; overtime eligible). Classified members are represented by The Classified Association of Central Oregon Community College, an independent union. There are both full-time and part-time positions so check the job posting for details. All Classified members (FT & PT) receive an exceptional benefits package.

    Continuing Education Instructor

    • COCC Continuing Education is always looking for great instructors.
      Their mission is to provide quality lifelong learning that is responsive, relevant, and accessible. Classes are based on the philosophy that learning is a rewarding experience that is best when in a relaxed, supportive environment. We are looking for qualified instructors in all interest areas. Click to sign up to teach a Continuing Education class.


    • The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides employment opportunities to students who apply for financial aid and are eligible for the program. Availability is based on federal fund limits. FWS positions are hourly wage jobs in which a student works for a department on campus according to a mutually agreed-upon schedule. Students can work up to 8-10 hours a week but are allowed to exceed 15 hours a week only by prior approval from their supervisor.
  • Student employment opportunities

    For student employment opportunities in the community, please click on Student Employment to inquire about available positions. These positions are not typically handled through the main Human Resources job site. 

  • Starting wage/salary ranges

    In an effort to be as transparent as possible, please note that the starting wage/salary ranges listed in our position postings are based on a thorough analysis of COCC’s pay equity, current budget, and specific employee group contracts.  Thus, these ranges are fixed as noted in the posting and non-negotiable. The wage/salary schedules on the College website are used for internal purposes, and should not be interpreted as a means of negotiating starting pay during the recruitment process. 

  • Confidentiality

    Applicant information and the employment review process are confidential. COCC's processes and systems are designed to support every applicant's privacy and equal opportunity for employment. COCC utilizes a committee review process to ensure full and equitable consideration of applicant qualifications. No information will be shared outside of the committee structure process and committee members are trained in proper EEO and diversity and inclusion practices.

  • Equivalency when applying for positions

    The College recognizes the value of skills and knowledge gained outside of formal higher education and paid employment. Applicants who do not meet the qualifications indicated in the job posting, but present other qualifications or experience equivalent to those required, will be considered and are encouraged to apply. To qualify under equivalency, applicants must complete the equivalency question within the application. The equivalency statement should include supporting evidence to substantiate alternative qualifications.

  • Veterans notice

    Qualifying veterans and disabled veterans may obtain additional consideration during the COCC employment process under ORS 408.230 and 408.225: OAR 839-006-435 to 839-006-0470, by submitting (during the online application process) a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD Form 214 and 215 (215 if applicable) or certification they expect to be honorably discharged from the military within 120 days of certifying veteran status on a job application. Character of Service field must list HONORABLE for the most recent separation from the military. Disabled veterans must also submit a copy of their veterans disability preference letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs, unless the information is included on the DD 214 and DD 215 (if DD 215 submitted).

    Our HR team is available to answer questions at every step of your application process.

  • Crime reports

    Clery Act Campus Crime and Safety Reports are published on behalf of Central Oregon Community College in support of the Federal Campus Crime Reporting Act of 1999.

  • Interview travels and arrangements

    Out-of-area candidates selected to interview for professional positions (Administrative, FT Faculty, Adjunct Faculty) are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and may be eligible for interview travel reimbursement for travel, lodging, and meals. A typical interview itinerary may include a combination of a formal committee interview, a campus-wide presentation given by the candidate, meetings with College leadership, a campus tour, and lunch or dinner with multiple College employees. Lunch and dinner are an extension of the interview, therefore no spouses or domestic partners are invited. COCC expects that candidates travel via the least expensive route to the interview.

    • Travel by Air: The closest airport is Roberts Field in Redmond (RDM), Oregon. Information is available about air carriers, flight schedules, parking, car rental, ground transportation, and terminal services at *Non-cash/Frequent Flyer Miles purchases are not covered. Please make sure you keep a receipt of your ticket purchase price (not just an itinerary).
    • Travel by Personal Vehicle: Mileage can be reimbursed at the current federal mileage rate. MapQuest provides detailed directions and online maps.
    • Rental Car: Expenses can be reimbursed for up to two days (not to include gas receipts for use of the rental car).
    • Lodging: Expenses can be reimbursed for one night's lodging. See Visit Bend for a list of lodging options.
    • Meals: Expenses can be reimbursed for up to two days (not to include any additional guests). Itemized receipts are required for reimbursement. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.

    Interview-related expenses (overall procedure):

    Expenses are shared by the candidate and COCC. The College will reimburse candidates for one half of their travel/interview related expenses (transportation, lodging, meals), up to $400 maximum. The candidate hired may receive an additional $400 if one half of the expenses have not been reimbursed by the first $400. For example:

    • Example 1: $2,000 total expenses incurred. While 1/2 the expenses = $1,000, the College will only reimburse $400 as the max for the interview. The successful candidate would then receive another $400 to reach the $800 maximum while still under 1/2 of the total expenses.
    • Example 2: $400 total expenses incurred. Half of the expenses = $200. The College will reimburse for $200 (1/2 under $400). The successful candidate would not be eligible for any further reimbursement since the College has already met the "1/2 of expenses" obligation.
      To request reimbursement, attach this Candidate Travel Reimbursement Request Form to your receipts and mail them to Human Resource, 2600 NW College Way, Newberry Hall, Bend, OR 97703 or scan/email them to
  • Selection Process

    You must create an application online at to be considered for employment. You must provide all information requested on the application form (resumes will not be considered as a substitute for the application). Initial screening by Human Resources for minimum requirements is based on your APPLICATION ONLY (supporting documents will not be reviewed during initial screening). The initial screening by Human Resources will also verify that all requested required documents are included (e.g., letter(s) of recommendation, teaching philosophy) in order to be considered a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be considered by hiring committees. You will have an opportunity to upload supporting documents for committee consideration during this online application process.

    After you have completed submitting your application online by the appropriate deadline date, a number of events will occur within the following approximate timeline:

    • Within one to two days after the deadline date . . .
      . . . your application will be screened by the Human Resources Office to ensure that:
      (1) your application contains all requested items, and
      (2) you meet the minimum qualifications of the position for which you are applying.
    • Usually five working days after the application deadline for the position . . .
      . . .if your application meets the criteria stated, it will be made available to the Selection/Hiring Committee for review along with all other screened application files. The Selection Committee has a designated timeframe in which to review all qualified applications. Each application is considered based upon the qualifications for the position as outlined on each job posting.
    • Within one to two days after the screening process has been completed by committee members . . .
      . . . at a meeting of the Selection Committee,
      (1) finalists and alternate candidates are selected,
      (2) interview dates and times are determined or confirmed,
      (3) an interview agenda is determined, and
      (4) interview questions are formulated.

    • All finalists must complete a criminal history check before an employment offer can be made. COCC's criminal background policy can be found in the COCC General Policy Manual - Human Resources.

    • The Human Resources Office will:
      - Notify the finalists and arrange campus interviews & notify the Selection Committee
      - Announce the date and location of the professional candidate's presentation to the campus
      - Prepare an interview agenda and packet of materials to be sent to professional position finalists
    • So, please be aware that you may not hear from us until one or two weeks after the deadline date has passed.
    • Candidates not selected will be notified by email at the end of the selection process.

      We appreciate your patience during this process and feel free to contact Human Resources to check on the status of your application or the process at any time: 541-383-7216.