Scholarship Information for Students


Each year the COCC Foundation offers nearly 400 awards totaling $1.7 million for local students.
A scholarship is easy to apply for and can be renewed for two additional years.

The application for 2020-2021 scholarships will open December 15, 2019.

COCC Foundation Scholarships and Award Process

The COCC Foundation awards scholarships based on financial need and the promise each student shows which is demonstrated by answers to three narrative questions. Financial need is defined as lacking sufficient funds to pay for education. The promise a student shows is defined as the circumstances a person has faced and/or accomplishments they have made, combined with their sense of direction. 

Financial need is determined in two ways:

  • Each student completes a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application)
  • Financial need is also determined through one of the questions answered in the application process, since the FAFSA/ORSAA formula does not capture individual life circumstance. This is also an opportunity for the applicant to display the promise that they show as a student.

Each narrative is read three - four times by volunteer reviewers, who score each question on a one to four scale. The volunteers only read and score the narrative questions. Therefore, the reviewer does not see the applicants name, age, gender, race, etc.

The questions:
1. Financial and Life Circumstances: COCC Foundation scholarships are based on financial need. Please explain any circumstances or challenges you are facing that may make continuing your education difficult without additional financial assistance.
2. Education and Career Goals: Describe education and career goals that you have established for yourself and your efforts to accomplish them. Give an example demonstrating your commitment to these goals.
3. Personal Accomplishment(s): Describe the personal accomplishment(s) of which you are most proud. This could include leadership roles, community/family involvement, or professional/educational contributions. Describe how the experience(s) has shaped you.

The award process then gives a point value to the FAFSA/ORSAA score and also a point value to the narratives. Scholarships are awarded to students with the greatest combined score as determined by their FAFSA/ORSAA and their narratives.

2019-2020 Scholarship Acceptance Requirements

  • Fall term 2019 enrollment required of at least half-time (6-8 credits)
  • Enrolled in at least half-time (6-8 credits) per term
  • If you have been admitted to any other institution, including OSU Cascades, this scholarship is void
  • Must write a thank you letter to the donor of your scholarship (we provide you with this information)
  • Notify COCC if your phone number or address changes
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Have a FAFSA or ORSAA on file with COCC each year 
  • Must volunteer at one Foundation event throughout the academic year. 
  • Check your COCC email account on a regular basis for information from the College and the Foundation

2020-2021 Scholarship Renewal Requirements

Your scholarship can be renewed up to two additional years (three years total) if:

  • You volunteer for at least one COCC Foundation function per year
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • Complete at least 24 credits during the aid year (Summer 2019 - Spring 2020)
  • Register for a minimum of 6-8 credits in the fall term of your renewal year

You will NOT need to reapply for a COCC Foundation Scholarship next year. If you meet all the above parameters then you will automatically be qualified for a renewal scholarship and will receive a letter or email confirming your interest in early July for the following academic year.

For additional scholarship opportunities, please visit the Financial Aid scholarship page.


For questions regarding your scholarship application or if you need any assistance and/or accommodation, please contact the Foundation at 541.383.7225 or email