Meal of the Year

2018 MOY


Meal of the Year supports the dreams and aspirations of COCC students by raising funds for scholarships that will open doors once closed and change the students' lives forever. Guests of this gala evening are treated to a four course meal, skillfully created and presented by Cascade Culinary Institute. In 2018, we honored Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company, who since 1996 has funded more than 50 student scholarships at COCC. 

For more information, contact COCC Foundation 541.318.3783 or

All proceeds for Meal of the Year benefit the scholarship program at COCC.

Congratulations to our Student Scholarship Recipients, Carlos Vazquez and Nikki Kraus, who were honored at the 2017 Meal of the Year.


2017 Meal of the Year  

2017 MOY

2017 MOY (5)

2017 MOY (3)

2017 MOY (8)

2017 MOY (2)

MOY 2017 (7)

MOY 2017 (6)

MOY 2017 (9)

2017 MOY (10)

Photos by Karen Cammack



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