COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Help for Students in Need

  • Thrive Central Oregon
    Thrive helps prevent housing and financial insecurity by connecting people to the resources they need. Available for phone or virtual appointments. Email us: or call us: 541-527-6884
  • COCC's Pathways to Opportunity (PTO)
    The PTO program provides students facing financial barriers with needed financial support, including help with tuition and fees, transportation, food, books, testing fees, and more. The program is open to all students.

  • SNAP Training & Education Program (STEP) 
    The STEP provides support to students needing assistance with tuition and fees, transportation, food, and more but is targeted towards students receiving SNAP benefits.  

  • ASCOCC Food Bank 
    Food bags available for students on every campus.  
  • COCC Personal Counseling (CAP Services)
     Free personal counseling for students enrolled at COCC.

  • Dental Clinic at COCC
    Low income individuals with no dental insurance are provided necessary fillings or extractions by licensed dentists for only a $20 supply fee. Contact Deschutes County Health Services at 541-322-7400.