Student Policies

COCC Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Life Office at Central Oregon Community College is charged with the task of reviewing,distributing and enforcing the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The Director of Student Life serves both as an advocate for students who believe that they have been treated unjustly by the college or one of its officials and as the college adjudicator with students who have allegedly violated the code of student conduct, a college policy or state/federal law.

In order to provide for the maximum comfort, convenience, and well-being of the total College community, certain standards of behavior have been established at Central Oregon Community College. Upon admission to the College, all students accept an unqualified commitment to adhere to such standards and to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to an educational environment, one which reflects pride in themselves and the College. Such actions as academic dishonesty, abuse of property, any violation of federal or state law, possession of alcoholic beverages, and possession of illegal drugs are in violation of the College's standards and are cause for disciplinary action. The disciplinary action taken by the College has a range of possibilities up to and including dismissal from college.