Student Parking

COCC Campus ParkingAll students who park in permit-required areas of campus must register their vehicles and permanently display (affixed in place using provided adhesive) a COCC parking permit on the rear, left side of their vehicles. There is no charge for this service. Certain parking areas on COCC campuses are reserved for campus guests, staff and vehicles displaying valid disabled parking decals.

Where to get your parking permit

Student parking permits are available at the following locations:

  • In Bend, at the Information Office located in the Boyle Education Center.
  • In Redmond, at the Student Services Office in RTEC.
  • In Madras, at the Student Services Office.
  • In Prineville, at the Student Services Office.

For more information contact the Campus Public Safety Office at 541-383-7272.

Parking Rules & Regulations

Students must comply with all parking rules and regulations. For details see: Parking On Campus.