Community Matters

As a member of the COCC community, you are entitled to a safe and respectful environment. If you have experienced harassment, discrimination, intimidation, physical danger, or disrespect on any COCC campus, please let us help you.

We take these matters very seriously and address them confidentially and in a timely manner. Completing the form below gives us the basic information from the incident to allow us to address it appropriately. We realize that these occurrences can be upsetting and difficult, and we want you to know: we are here for you.

If you would like more information before filling out the Incident Report Form or would like to know who else you can talk to, check out the resources below:



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Academic Integrity Button

As a student, you are expected to submit your own work and properly cite the work of others. Academic integrity issues can include plagiarism, cheating, forgery and other dishonest acts.

Andrew Davis (Student Life Director) | | (541) 383-7592

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The COCC Community depends on mutual respect for the rights, property and dignity of all persons on campus. If this respect has been violated by the actions of another person on campus, it can be considered a behavioral conduct issue.

Andrew Davis (Student Life Director) | | (541) 383-7592


Campus Safety Button

The safety and security of our campus is of utmost importance. If your safety or security is breached or threatened on our campus, please let us know.

Campus Safety | (541) 383-7272


Discrimination Button

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages faculty, staff and students to realize their full potential. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of age, disability, sex, marital status, national origin, ethnicity, color, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, citizenship status, veteran status or any other classes protected under Federal and State statues in any education program, activities or employment.

Andrew Davis (Student Life Director) | | (541) 383-7592

Alicia Moore (Vice President Student Affairs) | | 541-383-7244

Environmental Health Button

The physical environment plays a large part in your experience at COCC. If there is a physical barrier that is preventing you from succeeding or poses a threat to your safety or health, please let us know.

Campus Safety | (541) 383-7272

Sharla Andresen ( Director of Contracts and Risk Management) | | (541) 383-7208

Sexual Harassment Button

We have a zero tolerance approach for sexual misconduct. This includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature and may come in the form of a hostile environment, quid pro quo, retaliation, or violence.

Alicia Moore (Title IX Coordinator) | | (541) 383-7244

Andrew Davis (Student Life Director) | | (541) 383-7592

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