Season of Gratitude

Dear Friend of the COCC Foundation,                                                                                                                    
My name is Hector and I am a first-generation student from Redmond. I would like to share how receiving a Central Oregon Community College (COCC) Foundation scholarship made attending college possible.

Though our backgrounds are diverse, first-generation students often lack resources, both financially and academically. Therefore, access to education for first-generation students is a growing need.

I’m one of three kids and last year I was the first in my family to go to college. Now, we are all in college at once! I’m currently in my second year in COCC’s Networking and Cybersecurity program - but I would not be in school right now without my COCC Foundation scholarship! I work part-time serving up pumpkin spice lattes, and without your generosity I would’ve dropped out.

When I was 14, I built my first computer and never stopped. One day, my mom told me I should do something ‘techy.’ I thought about a policing career and dreamed of working as an FBI field officer. I went online and saw a federal government ad for “Hackers Wanted!” - and that was it!

First, I am getting a Cybersecurity certificate, so I can get a job right away. I’ll be helping businesses find their  vulnerabilities by trying to break their online security as an ethical hacker spotting weakness and becoming their insurance against real attacks. Then, using my transfer degree from COCC, I plan to graduate with a four-year degree and want to work for the CIA, NSA or FBI in information security. I want to stop cyber threats. The U.S. needs more people knowledgeable in security and I want to protect and serve.

Like you, my parents work hard to provide us a safe home and to keep food on the table. They taught us that one’s actions matter…taking opportunities and striving toward our goals is important. I’ve found my purpose at COCC and am even on the Dean’s List, but I couldn’t do any of this without you!

On behalf of the COCC Foundation, I am asking you to support students like me, working to realize our dreams. Your gift today of $50, $150, $500 - or a full scholarship of $4,500 - makes a BIG difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


 Hector Signature

COCC Cybersecurity student & COCC Foundation scholarship recipient

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