Human Resources Policies Index

Index of Human Resources Policies at Central Oregon Community College

G-32-0 Workplace Fairness Policy
G-32-1 Employment Policy
G-32-2 Moved
G-32-3 Employment of Family Members Policy
G-32-4 Mandatory Reporting - Child Protection Policy
G-32-5 Standards of Conduct Policy for College Employees
G-32-6 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
G-32-7 Consensual Relationships Policy
G-32-8 Moved
G-32-9 Primary Responsibility Policy of College Employees
G-32-10 Recruitment Policies
G-32-11 Employee Evaluation Policy
G-32-12 Leaves of Absence Policies
G-32-13 Employee Personnel File Policy
G-32-14 Employee Recognition Policy
G-32-15 Resignation Policies
G-32-16 Benefits Policies
G-32-17 Compensation Policies
G-32-18 Moving Reimbursement
G-32-19 Staff Retirement Policies
G-32-20 Classified Staff Professional Development Policy
G-32-21 COCC Sick Leave and Oregon Sick Time Policy