G-32-9.2 Conflict of Interest

All employees of COCC are both agents of the College and public employees, and as such, are subject to the terms and provisions of ORS 244. All employees are expected to know their rights and responsibilities under this statute.

No College employee shall use their official position or office to obtain financial gain other than official salary, honoraria, or reimbursement of expenses, or for any member of their household or for any business with which they, or a member of their household, is associated. 
Legal Reference - ORS 244.040 (1).

To implement the above policy, the following guidelines shall apply to Central Oregon Community College employees:

  1. Private business shall not be conducted during assigned College working hours.
  2. College supplies, facilities, equipment, and personnel shall not be used to carry out private business.
  3. College officials shall not receive private compensation for performing their College duties.
  4. No official action toward a third party shall be conditioned on a private business relationship with that third party.
  5. Employees will notify their appropriate Senior Leadership Team member, in writing, of any potential conflict of interest.