G-6-1 College Policy & Other Committees

College policy committees have been established to implement present policies and procedures and to plan for the future. The College policy committees include:

  • College Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Affairs

Each has a specific area of jurisdiction for study and recommendation; because of the complex nature of the College it is advisable for committee chairs to communicate with each other regularly, by appropriate and expeditious means to ensure inter-committee cooperation on items of interest and overlapping responsibility common to more than one group.

Meetings of all College policy committees are open and any staff member or student wishing to include an item on the agenda may do so by scheduling that item with the chair of the committee. While a committee meeting is in progress, any committee member may request permission for a member of the audience to speak to an item under consideration. (This may not apply to College special purpose committees.)

Committee members may not be represented by alternates or proxies for the purpose of voting.

Task forces may be created to address specific topics or perform detailed review of issues within the areas of jurisdiction for study of the major governance committees. Task forces will follow the same general procedural guidelines as the major committees and will report to the appropriate governance committee and will normally complete their work in two years.