Glossary of Procedure Terms

Policy: All Board, State, Federal, and College policies. Policy a course or principle of action adopted by COCC; has widespread application; changes less frequently; answers major operational issues; can be legislative in nature; manages actions. Represents the what in terms of what principles or governing actions COCC adopts. A policy is typically an umbrella for a set of procedures to support the policy. Example policy; Nondiscrimination policy (establishes the Colleges position related to nondiscrimination).

Procedure: Any procedure, practice, guideline, identified at the College. Procedure an established or official way of doing something; has narrow application; prone to change; often stated in details can be judicial in nature; a subsequence of steps or activities. Represents the how in terms of how COCC executes daily operations. A procedure typically supports a policy and provides guidelines for individual actions. Example procedure: New Business Cards procedures (establishes how you order new business cards).

Academic Program: Any institutionally established combination of courses and/orrequirements leading to a degree or certificate.

Academic Focus: An area of concentration within the program (e.g. Psychology or Geology).

Registration: Refers to initial registration in one or more classes for a given term.

Direct Service Fees: The fee is directed to a specific service or tangible good and fee revenues are returned directly to the department coordinating the service

Indirect Service Fees: The fee is dedicated to a specific service, but is applied to the College's general fund as a means of covering a portion of thecost.

Registration Activity: Students may "add" classes to their initial registration, or "drop" classes, or change the credit/audit status at different points during the term depending on the length of the class by submitting an "add/drop"form directly to Admissions and Records. If the instructor has put online approval for the "add/drop", students must visit or call Admissions and Records to complete the registration activity. Student registrations are complete only when the courses are web or data-entered into COCC's computer system.