Human Resources Procedures

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Index of Human Resources Procedures:

HR-1-0 Mandatory Reporting Procedure
HR-2-0 Consensual Relationships Procedure
HR-3-0 Vacant Position Procedure
HR-4-0 Criminal Background Check Procedure
HR-5-0 Employee Evaluation Procedure
HR-6-0 Leave Without Pay Procedures (LWOP)
HR-6-1 Approval Procedures for LWOP
HR-6-2 Benefits During LWOP
HR-6-2.1 Partial Months of a LWOP
HR-6-2.2 Full Months fo a LWOP
HR-6-3 Reinstatement of Benefits Following LWOP
HR-7-0 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
HR-8-0 Personnel File Review Procedure
HR-9-0 Workers' Compensation Procedures
HR-10-0 Return to Work Procedure
HR-11-0 Salary on Promotion Procedure
HR-11-1 Classified Employees
HR-11-2 Non-represented/Regular Employees
HR-12-0 Moving Reimbursement Procedure
HR-13-0 Selection to Emeritus Status Procedure
HR-13-1 Faculty
HR-13-2 Administrators
HR-14-0 Health Insurance for Spouse/Dependents of Retirees Procedure
HR-14-1 Death of Retiree
HR-14-2 Divorce
HR-14-3 Remarriage
HR-14-4 Dependent Children
HR-15-0 Classified Staff Professional Development Procedure
HR-16-0 Sick Time Procedure
HR-16-1 Written Verification/Certification of Need
HR-16-2 Confidentiality
HR-17-0 Reporting Process And Procedures For Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct/Violence, and Sexual Harassment
HR-17-1 Introduction
HR-17-2 Role of Supporting Parties
HR-17-3 Reporting and Investigation Process
HR-17-4 Appealing a Formal Process DecisionHR-17-5 Outside Avenues for Discrimination, Discriminatory or Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
HR-18-0 Employee Concerns
HR-18-1 Timing
HR-18-2 Disability Accommodations
HR-18-3 Procedure