HR-4-0 Criminal Background Check Procedure

Final candidates and employees required to submit to a background check must sign a release form or on- line certification and release as part of the application process, authorizing the College to conduct a background check. Per Oregon statute, credit history information will only be obtained through the background check process when this information would be substantially job-related, and only then if the reasons for use of the information are disclosed in writing to the employee or applicant.

Criminal background reports with adverse information will be reviewed and evaluated by the COCC's Human Resources Manager - Compliance and the COCC's Risk Manager in conjunction with the following guidelines to determine an applicant's eligibility for employment:

  1. The passage of time since the commission of the crime.
  2. The nature of the crime.
  3. The relationship between the position to be performed and crime committed.
  4. The number of convictions.
  5. Rehabilitation efforts.

Legal Reference ORSA 659A.320, 659A.360