HR-17-2 Role of Supporting Parties

A. Represented Employees: If an employee is represented by the Classified Association of Central Oregon Community College (CACOCC), the Central Oregon Community College Faculty Forum (COCCFF) , or the COCC Adult Basic Skills Instructors - Oregon School Employees Association, the employee may have a representative from her/his bargaining unit or other supporting party present with her/him at any time during the process.

B. Students, Community Members or Non-Represented Employees: If the party bringing the concern is a student, community member, or employee not represented by a bargaining unit of the College, the individual may have a support person present at any time during the process.

C. Role of Supporting Parties: In all cases, the supporting party should not have information that may inform the investigation, but instead, is solely in attendance in a supporting role. The support person is not permitted to speak during the investigation.