HR-15-0 Classified Staff Professional Development Procedure

The workshop, conference, class, or material provides information that cannot be obtained at COCC, or it is part of a College encouraged program, or it is required for a COCC course, or it is important in developing professional relationships and the sharing of knowledge with other community college or university staff.

In addition, the content of the material or workshop, etc., should meet one of these additional criteria.

  • The information is relevant to the staff member's job.
  • The information will improve the staff member's knowledge and skills professionally and personally, enhancing their job performance and the job performance of their work group when shared.
  • The staff member is working toward a degree from an accredited school and the request is related to class or course work being done for that degree.

In addition:

  1. Repeat attendance at annual conferences is permissible if the conference falls within the above guidelines, and the content is new to the employee, or if COCC is strengthened by the representation.
  2. Travel money may be awarded when departmental resources for travel are not available for workshops, conferences, or classes that are job specific.
  3. Funds requested for job-related COCC courses may not be approved if it is determined they are payable under Article 21, Section 2 of the Classified Bargaining Agreement.

Article 21, Section 2: “With the approval of the supervisor and the Chief Human Resources Officer (or designee) an employee may take a job-related COCC course; the course shall be free of tuition and fees and class time need not be made up. With the approval of the supervisor, an employee may take a class not related to his/her job during his/her regular work schedule; however, any course expenses not covered by Article 21.1 are the responsibility of the employee and any work hours missed must be made up, with hours to be approved by supervisor.”

Funds will be distributed for reimbursement only - no advances will be granted.

  1. Actual funding is dependent on funding availability.
  2. Funds are not guaranteed on prepaid seminars.
  3. Managers and Administrators should never assume that $500 will be supplied to classified workers from this fund - please refer them to the committee chair.
  4. Up to $750 may be requested by any member of the Association in a fiscal year based on the following guidelines
    • The per fiscal year $750 distribution limit will be prorated to the members employment status
      • ($750 for FT;
      • $565 for 3/4 time
      • $375 for 1/2 time)
  5. It is the member's responsibility to return any paid funds for classes, trainings and/or books/supplies that they dropped, returned or did not attend.
  6. Members may be asked to share what they learned or post a summary to the Classified Staff folder, refusal to do so may negatively impact future reimbursement requests.