G-32-11 Employee Evaluation Policy

The College believes in providing constructive feedback to all employees on a regular and ongoing basis to help them to be successful in their employment and specific positions at the College. This regular feedback can be in the form of one-on-one supervisory meetings, coaching, student or peer feedback, 360-degree feedback, or written performance evaluations, or as outlined in the respective collective bargaining agreements.

Each faculty member and administrative staff member of Central Oregon Community College shall undergo evaluations pursuant to procedures and criteria established under the direction of the President. The immediate supervisor, the appropriate Vice-President/Dean, and the President shall all have a role in evaluation of College personnel under their jurisdiction.

Irregular Evaluations

The Evaluation Policy, for the most part, addresses the regularized procedures for evaluations. It should be understood that the College reserves the right to examine the work of College employees on a daily basis throughout the year and may provide written or oral evaluation comments affecting the work of employees at any time during the year.