G-32-21.3 Oregon Sick Time or Sick Leave Notification to Supervisor

All employees shall notify their immediate supervisors when they will be absent from their scheduled shifts due to an illness or injury or other covered absences (see approved uses, below) according to the procedures established for their position and department.

Specific procedures are defined by the respective CBAs for each bargaining unit for scheduled and unscheduled absences. For scheduled absences for employees not covered by a CBA, advance notice is required. Employees are to schedule health appointments around their work schedules and responsibilities as much as is practicable. For unscheduled absences, employees are required to call in not less than one hour before their scheduled shifts unless the absence is caused by a true emergency for the employee or covered family member.

The College may require reasonable advance notice for use of Oregon Sick Time if the leave is foreseeable. If the Oregon Sick Time Leave is unforeseeable, the employee needs to provide notice as soon as is practicable.