G-32-21 Sick Time Policy

Central Oregon Community College (COCC) provides paid sick leave to all college employees as required under Oregon law (OL, Chapter 537) through the following:

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements (Faculty Forum, Classified Association, and ABS/OSEA employees)
  • Employee Handbook (Administrative/Confidential/Supervisory employees)
  • Oregon Sick Time Law (all other non-benefited employees)

All COCC employees in a benefited status, including those covered under a CBA with the College, Administrative, Confidential and Supervisory employees, are already receiving a negotiated, paid, sick leave benefit through Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 332.507 which provides the equivalent requirement under the Oregon Sick Time Law.

All other COCC employees not working in a position and status with College benefits, and are not receiving equivalent paid sick leave, are eligible to earn paid sick time, identified as Oregon sick time, through SB 454. Students who receive Federal Work Study financial aid for working in approved Work Study positions at the College, and Community Assistants who receive Residence Hall room and board in exchange for their services are exempt from the Sick Time law under SB 454. For those employees who are paid by a stipend or measurement other than hours, a reasonable method will be used to calculate and convert this payment to hours. COCC employees who are receiving substantially equivalent sick leave satisfy the requirements under SB 484 and are not eligible for sick time accrual or usage under G-32-21.1 or G-32-21.2.

Any sick time accrued through SB 454 is required to be kept separate and distinct from that which accrues through ORS 332.507, is not transferable, and does not count toward any PERS calculation under ORS 332.507.

As part of Oregon Sick Time, employees are not entitled to be paid for earned but unused sick time, either before or when their employment is terminated for any reason as sick leave is not a vested benefit. If an employee's employment with the College ends and they are rehired within 180 days of separation, any accrued, unused balance at the time of separation will be reinstated, and the days worked in that previous period of employment will count toward the 90-day waiting period before the accrued sick time may be used. If the rehire date is greater than 180 days after separation, the employee will start accruing from a zero balance upon rehire, and the 90-day waiting period will apply.