G-32-12.7 Paid Leave Oregon

Approved: 12/15/2022, Revised: 5/9/2024

COCC follows all applicable Oregon Administrative Rules and laws pertaining to Paid Leave Oregon (PLO). PLO is paid family medical leave insurance. The College participates in the State of Oregon PLO plan. Employee eligibility, qualifying events, benefits, definitions, contribution rates and the percentages for employer and employee contributions are determined by the Oregon Employment Department (OED). Employees should contact the OED to determine eligibility.

Oregon law requires employee and employer contributions to PLO begin January 1, 2023. Employees can apply for benefits beginning September 2023. PLO contributions are made by the College and employees. For 2023, the contribution per employee is 1% of gross wages monthly. Employees pay 60% of the 1% contribution rate and the College pays 40% of the 1%.

Most employees working in Oregon who made $1,000 or more the year before applying for PLO and are experiencing an event that qualifies them for paid leave may be eligible for PLO. PLO is protected leave for any COCC employee who has been employed by the College for ninety (90) calendar days or more.

COCC will allow an employee to use accrued Oregon Sick Time or accrued COCC sick and vacation leave, in that order, to supplement PLO. Accrued Oregon Sick Time or accrued COCC sick and vacation leave will be paid following documentation and confirmation of PLO eligibility and benefits from OED.

PLO, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), or Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) may overlap or run concurrently. Contact MyLeaves@cocc.edu for PLO procedures.


PLO References:
Oregon Employment Department Model Notice https://paidleave.oregon.gov/DocumentsForms/Paid-Leave-ModelNotice-Poster-EN.pdf
Oregon Employment Department Information for Employees https://paidleave.oregon.gov/employees/Pages/default.aspx

Effective date 12/15/2022