G-32-21.4 Written Verification or Certification of Need for Sick Leave or Sick Time

COCC reserves the right to require an employee to provide written verification or certification of need from a health care provider for sick leave or sick time absences due to personal illness, illness of a family member, or any qualified absence that lasts more than three (3) consecutive workdays.

Written verification may also be requested when the College or a supervisor suspects an employee is abusing sick time, is demonstrating a pattern of abuse, or when an employee is taking leave without pay (LWOP) and is working hours below their full time equivalent (FTE). A pattern of abuse includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly using unscheduled sick leave or sick time around holidays, weekends, paydays, vacation days, or off contract days. When medical verification is requested by a supervisor, the verification must be provided within fifteen (15) calendar days of the supervisor’s request. Failure to provide requested verification will result in consequences consistent with other College employment policies including disciplinary action. If an out-of-pocket cost results from the doctor visit required to obtain certification, the College shall pay the cost as verified by the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) provided by the insurance carrier or a receipt show payment obtained from the doctor’s office.

Effective date 03/21/2023