G-32-2.3 Non-Harassment Policy

The College's goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages individuals to realize their potential. Therefore, it is against the College's policy for any manager, supervisor, faculty, staff, or student to engage in harassment of any member of the College community based on his/her age, disability, sex, marital status, national origin, ethnicity, color, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status or any other classes protected under Federal and State Statutes.. Under the College policy, harassing behaviors will not be tolerated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every member of the College community to ensure that the policy is strictly enforced. This includes notifying each employee/student of his/her rights and responsibilities under COCC's non-harassment policy. Management staff is responsible for taking reasonable action to maintain work and educational environments free of conduct that causes or reasonably could be considered to cause intimidation or hostility.