G-32-21.2 Oregon Sick Time

Accrual of Oregon Sick Time under SB 454, ORS 653.601 to 653.661, OAR 839.007

Employees eligible for accrual of Oregon sick time accrue hours at the rate of one (1) hour for every thirty (30) hours worked up to a maximum of forty (40) hours of sick time per calendar year. Hours worked includes overtime hours worked. A maximum of forty (40) hours of unused sick time may be carried over from one year to the subsequent year, up to a total of eighty (80) hours. Employees are provided electronic notice of the requirements of Oregon sick time. Eligible employees who have accrued sick time will receive quarterly email notifications to inform them of their accrued and unused sick time balance. Employees can see their sick time balance on their Bobcat Web account.

Accrued Oregon sick time is separate and distinct from COCC sick leave. Oregon sick time is not transferable, and does not count toward any PERS calculation. Employees cannot accrue both sick time and sick leave simultaneously.

Oregon Sick Time stipulates that sick time eligible employees are not entitled to be paid for accrued but unused sick time during employment or when their employment is terminated for any reason. Oregon sick time is not a vested benefit.

If an employee’s COCC employment is terminated and the employee is rehired within one hundred and eighty (180) days of separation, any accrued, unused balance at the time of separation will be reinstated. The days worked during the previous period of employment will count toward the ninety (90)-day waiting period before the accrued sick time may be used. If the employee’s rehire date is greater than one hundred and eighty (180) days after separation, the employee will start accruing from a zero balance upon rehire and the ninety (90)-day waiting period will apply.

Oregon Sick Time Usage under SB 454, ORS 653.601 to 653.661, OAR 839.007

Eligible employees begin accruing sick time hours on their first day of employment. There is a ninety (90) day waiting period before sick time can be used for qualified absences. Sick time will be paid for qualified absences on the ninety-first (91st) day of employment.

An employee must use a minimum of one (1) hour per occurrence. Employees must report sick time hours on their time sheet. See HR-16-0 for sick time reporting procedure.

Accrued sick time may only be used for qualified absences. See HR-16-0  and the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries site for more details.

Effective date 03/21/2023