G-12-1 Animals on Campus for Teaching Purposes

Animals allowed to be brought onto campus for teaching purposes would include:

    1. Animals used for hands-on training in the Veterinary Technician Laboratory.
    2. Animals used in the Veterinary Technician classroom or science lab for demonstration or hands-on training.

The following requirements apply to animals brought to campus for teaching purposes:

    1. The instructor is responsible for overseeing the care of any animals while they are in a campus classroom or lab. Including feeding, watering, and cleaning up soiling accidents.
    2. The instructor will always have the animal under control and the animal will never be allowed to run loose or be disruptive.
    3. Animals brought in campus classrooms and labs will be required to be current on their vaccinations.
    4. Animals brought in campus classrooms and labs will be socialized and will not be placed in a stressful or harmful and possible unsafe situation.
    5. No animal brought onto campus will enter any building other than those designated for teaching.