G-6-1.3 Policies and Procedures: Review & Approval for Changes/Additions to the GP Manual

Institutional policies and procedures of the College shall be reviewed by the Shared Governance Committee (a sub-committee of the College Affairs Committee) on an annual basis, or more often as
needed to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed and/or are up to date.

Members of the College Board, College employees, or students may submit proposals, to the
appropriate policy committee, for a substantive change to the General Policies and Procedures
Manual. Internal department procedures not delineated in the General Policies and Procedures Manual
do not need to go through this process.

Proposals for new or revised Institutional Policies and Procedures shall first be considered by the
individual and group(s) that has(have) immediate oversight of the policy or procedure. For example:

•    Academic Policies and Procedures: Admissions and Records; Academic Affairs; Chairmoot; Faculty Forum; Faculty Senate; Student Affairs
•    Business Policy and Procedures: Fiscal Services; Chief Financial Officer
•    Faculty Policy and Procedures:  Faculty Forum; Faculty Senate; Vice President for Instruction; Chairmoot
•    Human Resources Policy and Procedures: Human Resources Director
•    Student Policy and Procedures:  Student Affairs; Dean of Student and Enrollment Services
•    Campus Safety Policy and Procedure: Safety Committee; Campus Safety; Vice President for 
•    Committee Charges and Membership: Committee members and its immediate constituents; College

A policy committee shall hold two readings, open to the college community, on the proposed new or
revised policy or procedure. Following an approved first reading, the revised or new policy or
procedure will be shared on campus for a comprehensive constituency review and scheduled for a
second reading: the individual or group making the proposal shall make every attempt to publicize
their proposal via current communication method, the COCC website, and/or targeted emails or in person visits. The policy committee will then hold a second reading, which may result in a recommendation for approval or tabling by the committee, or rescinding of the proposed change by the original proposer.

If the group reviewing the change in policy or procedure is a policy committee, that committee
makes a recommendation to the College President for consideration of approval. Advisory committees
and other groups submit recommendations to the committee they are advising or to the appropriate
administrative unit within which the group resides. All other committees, including Administrative
committees, shall submit their recommendation for a change in policy and procedures as described in
their committee charge.

Once a change in policy or procedure has been vetted and recommended for approval as noted above,
changes to any section of the GP Manual will be sent electronically to the College Affairs Chair
and Committee Specialist as an information item using this form [College Affairs is currently
revising this form, modeled on the one established by Academic Affairs].

Once the change in the General Policy and Procedures Manual is recommended for approval by College
Affairs, the recommendation shall be sent to the College President for consideration of approval,
using the established form provided.

Following presidential approval of a change, the change (update, deletion, addition or revision) to
the GP Manual shall be made on the website version of the GP Manual under “updates” and updated in
the pdf version of the GP Manual during the summer by the Committee Specialist for College Affairs,
or a designated substitute.

Any approved substantive change to the GP Manual shall be announced by the College Affairs Chair to
the College using campus communication methods, in addition to announcing to the current presidents of the Faculty Forum, ABS Union, and CACOCC-Classified Association within two weeks of the College President
approving the chance, in order for them to notify their respective members. The College Affairs
Chair shall post a summary of all changes to the GP Manual on current communication methods each quarter, changes that are also highlighted on the General Policies and Procedures website.

All recommendations to the President by a College committee shall be submitted using the following format: Recommendation Form (PDF).