G-6-3.1 Learning Community Committee

CHARGE: The Learning Community (LC) Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Affairs Committee and will review all new proposals and revisions for learning communities. The LC Committee will promote and support the teaching of learning communities on our campus.

Among its primary functions the Learning Community Committee will:

  1. Review and make recommendations to the Vice President for Instruction for the approval of learning community applications. All new and revised learning communities will be reviewed by the LC Committee prior to instruction.
  2. Maintain and facilitate documentation related to the learning communities' review and support process.
  3. Review each learning communities' assessment of student performance outcomes as part of its evaluation of the viability of LC college offerings.
  4. Work closely with the offices of the VPI and Student Services to consider issues related to the offerings of learning communities' courses such as compliance with college standards, accreditation standards, fiscal efficiency, and alignment with the college mission, values, and learning outcomes.

Membership Voting Status and Terms

Faculty (5)*

Elected by Faculty Forum


Three Years

Student Services (2)**

Appointed by the Dean of Student & Enrollment Services

1Voting & 1 NonVoting

Three years

Vice President for Instruction (or designee)




ASCOCC Representative

Appointed by ASCOCC


One year

*At least one faculty member must have prior LC teaching experience, one faculty member with basic skills instructional experience, one senior faculty (Associate or Full Professor) and other faculty from different disciplines that provide cross-campus representation for the committee.

** One of the two members will serve on an ad hoc basis as a non-voting member. Student Services members may include representation from Admissions, Advising, Student Life, Financial Aid.

Chair Election:

Chair to be elected annually by the committee. Chair will communicate LC Committee minutes to Academic Affairs as part of AA's oversight