G-6-2.1 Shared Governance Committee (SGC)


The Shared Governance Committee would be an Advisory Committee reporting to College Affairs.

The purpose of the Shared Governance Committee is to primarily function as a resource for the chairs and members of committees doing the work of shared governance at COCC. Shared Governance committee members will be ex-officio guests at policy committee meetings (specifically, Academic and College Affairs) to provide new chairs with guidance on the decision making process. The Committee members will also be available as a resource should problems arise within committees and recommend changes.

The Committee would also be responsible for facilitating the following annual activities:

  • Establish and maintain a culture where Shared Governance is both valued and effective;
  • Shared Governance Workshops for new committee chairs and members each fall;
  • Updating of the Shared Governance Handbook;
  • Working with committee chairs, review annually the Committee Matrix and its alignment with the General Policies Manual;
  • Develop and initiate a process of assessing the effectiveness of Shared Governance at COCC generally, and do an annual review of the committees, which will entail collecting and compiling End of Year reports, looking for redundancies, and encouraging transparency between committees and with the College at large.
  • Develop a process of improving communication between committees and college groups, including determining the best location of a repository of key committee documents.
  • Facilitate an annual review of the General Policy Manual by stakeholders.



All members of the Committee are voting members.

Appointments shall be made annually with staggered three year terms, after the initial transition years are over. The current committee members will select a faculty member to chair the Committee for a 3 year appointment, since the Chair has to be very conversant with the work of Shared Governance at COCC. The goal is to invite members who have been at the College long enough to have a basic understanding of the College’s committee structure, and who have served on a policy committee in the past.

Area Represented




Appointed by the President

3 year


Appointed by the Classified Association Executive Committee

3 year

At Large

Recommended by the Shared Governance Committee and Appointed by the President

3 year


Elected by the Faculty Senate (Faculty member must be at Associate Professor rank and have served on a policy committee)

3 years