G-23-0 Network Technology Resources

Policy Overview: COCC network technology resources used for college business require stewardship. These resources include, but are not limited to: College owned PCs, servers, network storage, network bandwidth, wireless services and classroom technologies. This policy establishes the proper use and guidelines pertaining to COCC network technology resources available to COCC employees. Any system that connects to COCC's network infrastructure is governed by this policy.

Policy Information

The policy outlines the appropriate use of network storage and the available resources for College business purposes.

  1. Personal Responsibility: Departments and individuals are responsible to manage their data storage needs. Employees may only maintain files on COCC-owned resources that are necessary for COCC business purposes.
    1. This policy is associated with the ITS Acceptable Use Policy governing the proper use of COCC technology resources.
  2. Acceptable Storage: Two types of network storage are available at COCC -
    1) My Documents and 2) Network N: Drive Department Folder Storage
    1. My Documents - this folder is assigned to each employee of COCC. The intent of this individual storage allows the following types of work to be stored:
      1. COCC business-related documents that are pertinent to an individual's specific job
      2. Confidential documentation related to an individual's specific job
    2. N: drive department folders - these folders are provided to share departmental information. The intent of these department storage areas allows the following types of work to be stored:
      1. COCC business-related documents that are shared across the department
      2. Instructional or Course materials that are related to department curriculum and courses
      3. Process and procedural documentations relevant to the department
  3. Unacceptable Storage: Documents not approved to be stored on COCC technology resources:
    1. Personal documents including photos, music, and video files
    2. Any documents not related to college business and /or your job at COCC.
  4. Network Storage Management includes:
    1. Storage Capacity: COCC will provide a limited amount of network storage to all COCC employees and departments. Storage resources will be allocated, monitored and managed for My Documents and N: Drive Department folders for employees and departments to ensure that storage remains within total available resources. See 4c for link to guidelines
    2. Backup: COCC will back up the contents of the N: drive Department folders and individual My Documents folders per allocated storage guidelines - See 4c for link to guidelines
    3. Technical Assistance: COCC ITS department will work with individuals and departments to assist in network storage management. The ITS website provides guidelines and help documents to aid end users and departments; it is located at https://intranet.ad.cocc.edu/departments/its/network-administration/network-file-and-print-services.aspx. An ITS helpdesk ticket may be created from the Employee Login page.
    4. Security Guidelines: Departments and individuals are responsible for understanding and following guidelines that ensure secure storage of protected student, college and donor information. These guidelines are available on the ITS website located at https://intranet.ad.cocc.edu/departments/its/document-storage.aspx and https://intranet.ad.cocc.edu/departments/its/its-services/files/cocc-documentation-best-practices-and-guidelines.pdf