g-6-3.3 Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) Committee

Approved: 2016-05-19

As a subcommittee to Academic Affairs, the Learning Outcomes Assessment (LOA) Committee plays a vital role in sustaining meaningful student learning outcomes assessment at COCC.

  1. Building on the College's existing system of instructional assessment.
  2. Ensuring that instructional assessment efforts are faculty led.
  3. Leading the response to NWCCU accreditation recommendations concerning student learning outcomes and instructional assessment.
  4. Coordinating and communicating its efforts with faculty, Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Instruction, and the Director of Assessment and Curriculum.

Charge: By drawing on current best practices, LOA provides guidance, coaching, and leadership for the development and assessment of course- and program-level student learning outcomes by assisting faculty efforts to

  • Map the relationships among and between courses, programs, and degrees.
  • Compose, modify, and store student learning outcomes.
  • Support and sustain a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement.
  • Plan and design measurable learning activities and assessments.
  • Gather and analyze evidence of learning.
  • Reflect upon this evidence in order to improve the planning and design of courses and programs.
  • Maintain a regular, consistent schedule of instructional assessment.
  • Collect and store learning evidence.


CTE Faculty (2) Elected by Faculty Senate Three years
Transfer Faculty (2) Elected by Faculty Senate Three years
Faculty Member At-Large (2) Elected by Faculty Senate Two years
Faculty Member At-Large (1) Elected by Faculty Senate Three years
Committee Chair Elected by Committee at first meeting One year
The Director of Assessment and Curriculum Automatic Standing