COVID-19 Health and Safety Information

G-4-1 Lactation Policy

An employee who intends to express milk for her child is required to submit a written request to Human Resources and to provide reasonable notice of her intent to her supervisor or manager.

An employee who submits a request shall be accommodated with a 30-minute rest break to express milk during each four-hour period of the scheduled workday, or major portion thereof. The breaks will be taken in approximately the middle of each four-hour work period and, if possible, will be scheduled concurrently with the employee's regular paid rest and meal breaks.

Any portion of the rest break that extends beyond the employee's regular paid rest or meal break will be unpaid. (For example, if the employee takes a 30-minute rest break to express milk concurrent with her 15 minute paid rest break, 15 minutes will be paid and the remaining 15 minutes will be unpaid.) However, an employee taking unpaid rest breaks to express milk may make up the time either before or after her regular shift with her supervisor or manager's approval.

Unpaid rest breaks will count as paid work time for purposes of health insurance eligibility.

The college will make a reasonable effort to provide a suitable location (other than a public restroom or toilet stall) for employees to use to express milk in private and that is within walking distance from the employee's work area. If possible, the room will contain a chair and table or stand, and access to a nearby electrical outlet and washing facilities. Areas will be determined on an as-needed basis in response to a submitted request.

Employees at work sites that do not have a designated lactation area should contact Human Resources to arrange a suitable location. A suitable location may include, but is not limited to any of the following if the area allows the employee privacy in which to express milk:

The employee's work are, or a lounge or other room connected to a public restroom.

In the event that the designated lactation area is not within close walking distance of an employee's work area, the employee should contact Human Resources to discuss allowing a reasonable amount of time for the employee to walk to and from the lactation area. The agreed upon amount of time will not be included as part of the lactation break period.

An employee covered under this policy may store her expressed milk in a refrigerator made available to employees. If a refrigerator is not available, the employee should contact her supervisor to arrange another alternative, such as a cooler or insulated food container.

An employee storing milk in a refrigerator or storage container provided by COCC, or provided for use by other employees, will ensure that the milk is in a container clearly labeled with the employee's name and the date.