G-4-1 Lactation Policy

Federal and Oregon Law require employers to support breastfeeding employees by
providing reasonable break times and space to express or pump milk at work each time
the employee has a need to do so. These laws apply to and protect hourly, salaried,
and part-time workers until the breast-feeding child of the employee is 18 months old.
Unpaid rest breaks will count as paid work time for purposes of both wages and health
insurance eligibility. It is illegal to discriminate against workers because of pregnancy,
childbirth or related conditions.
In support of our employees, and in compliance with Federal and State laws, Central
Oregon Community College (COCC) will provide reasonable break times and a suitable
location for employees to express or pump milk. The location will be private and within
walking distance from the employee's work area and cannot be a toilet stall or restroom.
The space will be functional to meet the need and contain a chair and table, and access
to a nearby electrical outlet and washing facilities. It will be clean and free from
interruptions and the public.
Employees at COCC work sites that do not have a designated lactation area are invited
to contact Human Resources to arrange a suitable location.
In the event that no suitable area is within close walking distance of an employee's work
area, the employee should contact Human Resources to discuss allowing a reasonable
amount of time for the employee to walk to and from an identified lactation area. The
time will not be included as part of the lactation break period.
When possible, an employee shall provide reasonable notice to the College regarding
the employee’s intent to express milk. Failure to provide notice is not grounds for
discipline. An employee covered under this policy may store expressed milk in a
refrigerator made available to employees. If a refrigerator is not available, the employee
may contact her supervisor to arrange another alternative, such as a cooler.