G-4-0 Children on Campus

  1. Only students who are enrolled in a given class or lab may sit in the class or lab. Children (under age 15) are not permitted to be enrolled as a student at Central Oregon Community College.
  2. Children (under age 15) are not permitted on campus unless directly supervised by a responsible adult. This adult accepts responsibility for maintaining acceptable behavior on the part of the child.
  3. The responsible adult will be asked to remove the disrupting child or children.
  4. The definition of a responsible adult for this policy is any individual 18 and older.
  5. Notwithstanding the above, children (under age 15) are not permitted in the College's Fitness Center in Mazama at any time.

NOTE: Exceptions to item 1 would, with an instructor's concurrence, include students here at the invitation of the College, such as Honor's Day guests, Senior and special class visitation, etc.