A-11-0 Course Substitution or Waiver

Approved: 07/26/2023


Allows a student to have a course substituted or waived for certificate or associate degree requirements.


Required courses for an associate degree or certificate of completion may be substituted or waived if the Program Director or Department Chair in consultation with the Admissions and Records Office determines the learning outcomes and/or skill competency has been achieved through completion of a course with a different number, discipline indication or title, and the student has earned the number of credits necessary to satisfy the requirements for their degree. The Admissions and Records office will ensure that statewide requirements are still met prior to applying an approved substitution or waiver.


Transfer (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, Associate of Arts Transfer, Associate of Science, Associate of Science Oregon Transfer, Associate of Science Transfer, Associate of General Studies)

  1. Approval for course substitution or waiver of a course(s) requires Admissions and Records Office approval. Consult with discipline lead instructors as needed and the receiving four-year institution if it is an Associate of Science degree.
  2. When a required course is waived, the 90-credit total minimum credits for the degree is still
  3. General Education courses typically cannot be waived but at times may be substituted with other college-level coursework that has been approved by Admissions and Records Consult with discipline leads or faculty content experts as needed.

CTE (Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Applied Science Option, Two-Year Certificate of Completion, One-Year Certificate of Completion, Career Pathway Certificate of Completion)

  1. Substitutions for related instruction courses require approval from Program Directors or Department Chairs responsible for the program. Related instruction courses typically cannot be waived. If the substitution involves a class not on the catalog related instruction list, additional approval is required by the Department Chair and/or Admissions and Records Office.
  2. When a required course is waived, the total minimum credits stated for the degree or certificate should still be met.
  3. Substitutions and waivers for program specific core and elective courses require approval by the Program Director or Department Chair responsible for the program.
  4. Prior to approval, Program Directors or Department Chairs should consult with discipline lead instructors or faculty content experts as needed.