a-6-0 Course Standards Statement and Outline

Approved: 2017-03-06

COCC is committed to a curriculum that through its performance, integrity and quality, promotes the transfer or career success of our students. To this end, our courses are based on defined student learning outcomes and assessment and continuous improvement.

The following guidelines support this effort:

  • COCC credit courses adhere to College, state, and accreditation standards.
  • Every active credit course will have defined and approved student learning outcomes which align with program and institutional outcomes and which are communicated to students.
  • Every active course will have a current approved course outline that adheres to the format defined below and approved by Academic Affairs.
  • Each course syllabus will incorporate the elements of the approved course outline that are described in the Syllabus Policy.

Course Outline

A course outline is a summary of the aspects of a course that are institutionally approved (through Curriculum Committee) and do not vary from one section or instructor, to another. Course outlines include:

  • Title and Course Number
  • Course Description
  • Pre-requisites, co-requisites, and recommended preparation
  • Credit hours
  • Schedule type and contact hours (Lecture, Lab, Lecture/lab, etc.)
  • Grade Mode
  • Fee (future)
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Content Outline (or COG Themes/Concepts/Issues/Skills)
  • Required materials (textbook, supplies, instrument, equipment)
  • Assessment methods
  • Degree Attributes (General Education/Related Instruction)