How to Provide Placement

To take credit classes, you must provide both writing and math placement. Here is how:

I have a degree

Provide Transcripts to Admissions and Records

I have college math or writing credits

Provide Transcripts to Admission & Records

Note you may still need to take a Placement Assessment

I have no prior college

Take the Placement Assessment

Note that we only accept college degree, coursework, and placement results from accredited colleges. 


What other ways can I provide Placement?

I have completed a placement assessment in the last two years...

Provide the test results and placement guidelines to Admissions & Records. Processing takes three business days. You must provide placement information for both math and writing. If you can only provide placement information for one, you will need to take the placement assessment for the other.


I have completed a Smarter Balance Assessment in the last two years...

Provide the SBA score document to Admissions & Records. Processing takes three business days. Note you need to have scored a 3 or 4 in Math and/or Writing.


What courses do not require placement?

If you are not seeking a degree or certificate, you can register for the following classes without providing placement information...

  • HD 110 (Career Planning )
  • HD 190 (Latino Leadership)
  • Music Performance
  • HHP Activity
  • Studio art
  • Computer Skills (CIS below 100-level)
  • Foreign Language
  • Community Healthcare
  • Peer Support

 Are you using the 65+ Tuition Waiver Form? You are not required to take a placement assessment.