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Providing Placement with College Credits

You must provide placement information for both math and writing. If you can only provide placement information for one, you will need to take the placement assessment for the other.

I have college math credits only

Take the Writing portion of the Placement Assessment and

Provide Transcripts to Admissions and Records

I have college writing credits only

Take the Math portion of the Placement Assessment and

Provide Transcripts to Admission and Records

I have college writing AND math credits

Provide Transcripts to Admissions and Records

You do not need to take the Placement Assessment

How long does it typically take for transcripts to arrive?
Check with your institution, but delivery can take up to several weeks. Admissions & Records will send a notification to your COCC email when we have received your transcripts.

What if I can't get my official transcripts, but I have unofficial transcripts?
COCC can unofficial transcripts for placement information. However, unofficial transcripts are not evaluated for transfer credit. This means they can not be used to meet degree requirements, course or program prerequisites, or for advising.