Placement Assessment

Individualized Placement

Placement Assessement

At COCC, we are invested in your academic success! For new students, that starts with finding out which math and writing classes will be right for you. The placement office does this with individualized placement methods. No need to worry about choosing the right approach. Your placement team will guide you through the placement process.

Directed Self Placement

Directed Self Placement (DSP) is one assessment COCC uses to determine your first math and writing course. This survey-based tool asks questions about your academic history, such as high school GPA and last course completed. The survey either will place you in a specific math and/or writing course, or in some cases may direct you to take a skills-based test. Learn more about how to provide placement.


ALEKS - Math Placement

The ALEKS skills-based math test is an online inventory of your math skills. You may be asked to take the ALEKS to determine the mathematics course in which you will have the greatest success. No need to study beforehand – ALEKS will guide you through the process.

About the ALEKS Math Placement

ACCUPLACER - Writing Placement

The ACCUPLACER skills-based writing test uses a computer-based format, unlimited time and immediate placement.  COCC uses the Next-Generation Reading Comprehension for writing placement.

About ACCUPLACER Writing Placement


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